Senate suspends discussion and returns opinion of the Armed Forces to commissions

At the request of Morena and her allies, the plenary session of the Senate of the Republic, approved withdrawing the opinion which proposes to extend until 2028 the presence of the Armed forces in public security tasks, to return to commissions and if necessary, build a new project.

After a controversial process, questioned by PAN and Movimiento Ciudadano, the commissions of Constitutional Points and Second Legislative Studies, requested the return of the decree in order to analyze the text or work on a new initiative.

“The purpose of this request is that the ruling commissions can have more time for analysis and, where appropriate, rethink the text of the draft of this decree prepared and work on a new project that achieves the consensus of the parliamentary groups that concur in these commissions. ”, indicates the trade.

Opposition senators accused that the Board of Directors violated the Senate regulations and legislative procedures by receiving two official documents, but the president of the Constitutional Points Commission, Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, clarified that the first document did not contain the required signatures, however, the corresponding annexes were presented, for which he requested that the second official letter be voted on with signatures.

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Juan Manuel Zepeda, from Movimiento Ciudadano, lamented the various procedural irregularities from the management bodies regarding the discussion of the current opinion, while his colleague, Noé Castañón Ramírez, argued that there were two requests, and one of them did not meet the requirements, therefore, “the second office is not valid”.

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The president of the Board of Directors, Alejandro Armenta, assured that he never processed the first official letter, for which, he said, he has acted in total adherence to the applicable legislation.

The official letter was signed by Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, president of the Constitutional Points Commission, Rafael Espino de la Pena, president of the Second Legislative Studies Commission, in addition to senators José Antonio Álvarez Lima, Imelda Castro, Gabriel García, Soledad Luévano , Lucía Meza, José Narro, Raúl Bolaños, Joel Padilla, Faustino López, Eli Cervantes, Mercedes González, Sergio Pérez, Félix Salgado Macedonio and Nancy Sánchez.

With information from Luis Carlos Rodríguez

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