Senate suspends voting on the reform on the permanence of the Army in the streets; return to commissions

The full Senate decided to suspend the vote on the constitutional reform promoted by Morena and part of the PRI to extend the presence of the Army and the Navy in public security tasks.

To the not having the necessary votes to approve the participation of the military in public security tasks until 2028, the presidents of the joint commissions of Constitutional Points and Legislative Studies, Second of the Senate withdrew the opinion that was being discussed in plenary.

Therefore, the vote on the minutes sent by the Chamber of Deputies was cancelled, because if the Senate did not reach a qualified majority, that is, more than two-thirds of the votes, as it is a constitutional reform, the opinion would be annulled.

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To Morena and allies they lacked 10 votes from the opposition bloc to join them to reach a qualified majority.

Previously, before the vote, the votes of the senators from Morena, PVEM, PT and PES totaled 75for which they required at least 10 opposition legislators to join the minute, to reach the required 85 votes out of a total of 128, to reach more than two thirds.

The project being discussed is about the Fifth Transitory Article of the decree by which various provisions of the Political Constitution are reformed, added and repealed, regarding the National Guard, published on March 26, 2019.

The original opinion proposes that, during the 10 years following 2019, when the first amendment on the matter was approved, the military can remain on the streets in security tasks, instead of the five years established by the current provision.

“While the National Guard develops its structure, capabilities and territorial implementation, the President of the Republic will be able to dispose of the permanent Armed Forces in public security tasks in an extraordinary, regulated, supervised, subordinate and complementary manner,” says the opinion that was returned to Senate committees.

The opinion It was already approved by the Chamber of Deputies, where it received the support of Morena, PRI, PT and the Green Party.but in the Senate the majority of PRI legislators have spoken out against it.

(Photo: Elizabeth Velazquez)

Morena reported that he managed to recruit a senator who until Tuesday was from the PAN, Raúl Paz Alonzo, who assured that he decided to change parties because the government and his party, Morena, do care about the southeast of the country.

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