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Through a public statement, senators from the Approve Dignity and independent caucuses denied a possible agreement to vote on TTP11 in the Upper House. “The TPP11 is not part of our government program and we consider that there is no urgency to put it to a vote in the Senate,” they sentenced.

Senators of the bench of Approve Dignity and independents denied the existence of an eventual agreement for the TTP11 be voted on in the upper house.

Let us remember that the Government decided to advance in the TPP11 Trans-Pacific Agreement, which has been processed in Congress for at least five years.

However, although from Democratic Socialism they assure that the will of President Boric should be supported, in Approve Dignidad they still resist giving their support.

Anyway, next Monday the senate committee will resolve Chile’s request We are going to put on the table that same week the vote on the Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty of Trans-Pacific Association.

I approve Dignidad denies agreement to vote TPP11 in the Senate

In this regard, from the bench of senators of Approve Dignity and Independents, they reiterated their rejection of the initiative.

This was stated in a public statement signed by Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD), Fabiola Campillai (Ind), Claudia Pascual (PC), Daniel Nuñez (PC), Alejandra Sepúlveda (FRVS) and Esteban Velásquez (FRVS).

“Faced with press versions that indicate that there would be an agreement in the Senate to vote on TTP11 next week, the senators of Approve Dignidad point out that said information is not true,” they say.

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“Although at the committee meeting on Friday, September 9, said vote was proposed by the representatives of Chile Vamos, the PC and RD committees did not give the agreement, therefore said vote was pending,” they add.

“TPP11 is not part of our government program and we consider that there is no urgency to put it to a vote in the Senate”, they sentence.

In this sense, the senators of Approvebo Dignidad pointed to the mechanisms to resolve controversies between States and investors.

“We have a critical look at the dispute resolution mechanisms between investors and States, among other aspects of these trade agreements that have a neoliberal bias that condition the transition to a new development model,” they say.

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