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Lima.- Enjoying a series, be it drama, action, romance or comedy, is one of the favorite pastimes of millions of people around the world. Today, thanks to the portability of smartphones, it is possible to enjoy this experience anytime, anywhere; however, for this activity to be experienced in the best conditions, it is important to take into consideration that there are attributes that these teams must comply with to guarantee a pleasant entertainment space.

“The public is in constant search of those actions that generate intense emotions and a moment of relaxation after an arduous day of work or study. In this sense, the rise of series on streaming platforms continues to grow, as well as the need for users to have devices that allow them to enjoy them optimally. At TCL we are committed to manufacturing equipment that has high-end technology at affordable prices, which ensure people can see their favorite content with the best screen quality”, highlights Jesus Hungdirector of TCL Communications for the Central America, Caribbean and Andean regions.

In this context, the brand’s specialists present four keys that must be kept in mind to watch series on the smartphone.

Images that ‘come to life’

Enjoying the premiere of the next season of a trending series requires that the equipment on which it is going to be played has an adequate resolution. For this reason, the first recommendation is that people opt for smartphones with a 6.82-inch LCD screen as a base so that the visual field allows you to appreciate all the details. The TCL 20 SE has this feature and also presents a FullHD+ format with NXTVISION technology that shows images with greater sharpness, definition of shapes and vividness of both colors and tones.

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Long battery life

The use of streaming platforms consumes a high level of battery, which is why it is suggested to have a device with excellent autonomy, high performance and fast charging such as the TCL 20 PRO 5G. This cell phone has a 4500mAh capacity battery that makes it possible to use it for up to 26 hours without constantly connecting it to a power source; In addition, thanks to this property, users can carry out the famous ‘marathons’ without worrying that their smartphone will turn off during the best of the series.

maximum storage

Sometimes, some people decide not to access their series online, but prefer to download them to their phone to watch them later offline. For those scenarios, a good alternative is to have a device that provides a large storage capacity such as the TCL 20 PRO 5G with 256 GB, more than enough space to save videos up to 1080p and store a complete season to enjoy during a trip. or at some leisure time.

RAM? Indispensable!

RAM memory is essential because it favors fluidity in the operation of mobile phones, while allowing applications to run quickly. That is why this property becomes relevant, since people can use their streaming apps with total comfort without experiencing delays or interruptions in playback. The TCL 20L, which has 6GB of RAM, fulfills this characteristic and is consolidated as a great option.

All these factors will make the viewing experience from the smartphone live up to the expectations of series lovers, who are characterized by looking for a device that provides them with the best qualities so that they can dedicate themselves exclusively to immersing themselves in the world. of fiction

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TCL Series 20 smartphones can be purchased at Claro’s virtual store and at its physical points of sale nationwide.

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