Shakira speaks for the first time about her separation from Piqué and this she said

(CNN Spanish) — Colombian singer Shakira spoke publicly for the first time about her separation from soccer player Gerard Piqué, with whom she had a 12-year relationship.

Shakira, who announced their separation with Piqué in June of this year, spoke exclusively with the magazine ELLE Spain on various topics, from the new music that is at the door and the end of their relationship to the problems with the Spanish justice system.

In the interview, the singer touched on several points related to the separation, among which she highlighted the mistreatment of the information that, according to her, the press has carried out on the subject.

She criticized that neither she nor her children Milan and Sasha can go out for a normal walk in the park as a family because there are always paparazzi “camping” in front of their house.

The separation “has been difficult not only for me, but also for my children. Incredibly difficult. I have paparazzi camping out in front of my house, 24/7. And there is no place I can hide from them with my children, except in my own You know, we can’t take a walk in the park like a normal family or go for ice cream or do any activity without the photographers following us,” Shakira told ELLE Spain.

The Colombian stressed that she has tried to hide the situation from her children to protect them. However, she said, “at school they hear things from their friends or come across unpleasant news on the internet, and it just affects them.”

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In addition to this, he disapproved of the specific handling that has been given to the separation, as he pointed out that the relationship he had with Piqué was vulgarized in the media.

“It’s really upsetting for two kids who are trying to process the separation from their parents. And sometimes I feel like this is all a bad dream and I’m going to wake up at some point. But no, it’s real. And what’s real, too.” It is the disappointment to see how something as sacred and as special as I thought the relationship I had with the father of my children has been vulgarized and cheapened by the media,” he told ELLE Spain.

“Women are resilient”

Without giving details of why they ended, Shakira said that, no matter how things turned out with him, Piqué would continue to be the father of her children and that they will seek the best for them in the matter of custody.

Likewise, she described what has happened this year as “probably the darkest stage of my life”: she faces a case for alleged tax fraud against the Spanish justice system, which asks for more than 8 years in prison (she denies all the accusations and said to ELLE that going to trial is “a matter of principle”); her father, who is one of her greatest emotional supporters, has suffered falls that caused a bruise and fractures; and, in addition, the separation from Piqué and the situation suffered by her children due to this fact.

“But I think that women are resilient. You know, we have this resilience that is innate (…). So you ask me how I manage this. I manage, I guess, reminding myself that I need to be an example for my children , that I need to be what they want me to be, and what I want them to become,” Shakira recalled.

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She assured that, in addition to her children, her father, family, friends and colleagues, music has also been a great support for her at the moment, adding that she already has a new album with collaborations and various genres.

“Yes, I already have a complete album that excites me a lot. And some songs you will hear imminently, some are collaborations. Some are in English and others in Spanish, different genres

“When I felt that I lacked the strength, as if I had no legs, those days I wrote songs, and I felt that I revived and came out strengthened,” she explained to ELLE Spain magazine.

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