Shirley Arica cries and denies alleged intimate video: “It affects my family, my mother is mortified” entertainment video | SHOWS

VERY AFFECTED! Shirley Arica came forward to refuse to be the protagonist of an alleged intimate video circulating on the Internet. The model was very affected, since these rumors mainly affect her family.

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“More than affecting me, it affects my family, seeing my mother crying, seeing the people around me sad because I feel that I feel that I have been doing things in the best possible way, I am not an overnight angel. tomorrow, I try to improve, and I try to change in the things that I am doing and why overshadow the things that I am doing”expressed in Love and Fire.

Shirley Arica emphasized that although two tattoos that the person in the video has are “very similar to hers”, there are details such as the profile and other tattoos that make the difference. “They are things that are not seen with the naked eye (…) I am not that girl, “he added.

Shirley Arica is broken by rumors: “How will people see me”

At another time, the “reality girl” could not help but shed tears for everything that happens and even revealed that she has thought about not fulfilling contracts.

“I didn’t want to come, but my mom always tells me: “come on, you can” “You’re going to please that person who wants to see you badly” (…) How people will be looking at me”she said affected.


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