Spanish team: Jordi Alba’s World Cup has already started

Lthe photo proves it. It is stepping on the City of Soccer and the smile and well-being take over your face and the state of mind. Luis Enrique has once again been by the player’s side and as he did with Morata or Carvajal for example, has decided to continue to rely on Jordi Alba. They have been together for many years, first in the Barça team and now in the Spanish team, and the winger is one of his trusted men.

At the Camp Nou there is talk of Alba as the third winger of a team that a year ago pulled on him and his experience to try to save a more than complicated situation. The defense does not resign. He promises to fight and seize the slightest opportunity that comes his way. Otherwise, he would have accepted the invitation to go to Inter that the Barcelona manager-coach made him. He knows that he has it complicated and that the best possible showcase for him will be with Spain, in these ten days of work and in the two matches ahead against Switzerland and Portugal. Resignation does not suit him.

mutual knowledge

The Barça player he knows what Luis Enrique wants from him and if he has appeared in this call, despite the fact that he hardly appears in the Barcelona eleven, it is because the coach continues to believe in him and in what he can contribute.

After a few hard weeks, Alba tries to turn the situation around and does so thanks to the optimism received with the call from Spain and with the conviction of being able to return to the situation in Barcelona. Football has and continues to be the same person who was asked for help last season.

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In the selection you have his third World Cup close at hand, although the one from Qatar considers it almost as if it were the first, since in the two previous ones, the role of Spain was little less than anecdotal. In Brazil, on the fifth day of competition, the then world champion was out and in Russia everything that happened with Lopetegui’s goodbye, the elimination against the host left the internationals with the feeling of not having been through the World Cup event.

Now the feeling is different. Jordi Alba knows that he is facing his last World Cup, the one he saw lost in the summer due to the situation he experienced and that has led him to see how one of his usual teammates in the national team, Marcos Alonso, shares a dressing room with him on a day-to-day basis. The coach, however, has decided to open the door of Qatar a crack to a player who, not even in the national team, not even in Barcelona can they have a complaint about his behavior, especially Xavi Hernndez, who pulled him in when he needed it most even though it now seems so far away in time.

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