Spanish team: Luis Enrique, clear and transparent

Luis Enrique can choose, unlike club managers whose squad is limited. Each list of summoned is surrounded by controversies, most of them artificial because the Asturian is very clear about his ideology and in the last press conference he did not hide it. Many keep looking for dark motives around certain absences, but the technician is clear in his message and his line of action, like it or not (the results are proving him right) is what there is.

Luis Enrique’s priority objective since he arrived at the national team is to create a team or at least try to get the players, almost all of them with important roles within their clubs, to shape something more than a simple eleven. That is the premise on a day-to-day basis and when drawing up the squad list, it is thought of as a starting point. “There are players who are the reference in their teams, they are number one. They score goals and play for him. A team is not made up of the eleven best players in LaLiga. You have to see the context and in the selection I want a team”.

That team is led by the figure of the coach. The technical body contributes, gives ideas, makes judgments, but the last word when convening is that of Luis Enrique. The technician is the absolute reference. The players know it and they have to assume it. In the last European Championship, the coach insisted on transmitting the message. He doesn’t want anything that could happen in the coexistence to be confusing and that’s why he looks and asks how each player is before calling him at the City of Football.

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What is Luis Enrique looking for?

His position is clear and he always tries to go up the steps in quality. as it says Joaquin Valds, selection psychologist, excellence does not exist, but he seeks to get closer to it. Count what was done in the last appearances of each player (Asensio), but also daily work (Nico Williams and Borja Iglesias).

In the coach’s head there is no closed list, but player profiles and what he wants in each position. Offensive work is just as important as defensive work in any of the eleven players on the field. “I see Oyarzabal kill himself running forty meters to put pressure on the goalkeeper, but he does it because he knows that the defense is close to the center of the field to reduce spaces”, affirms Luis Enrique.

In this last list, the presence of players with little participation in their teams, such as Jordi Alba or Asensio. The coach is clear that if these footballers can contribute to the group he will continue calling them, that is up to a certain limit. He believes that the arrival of a new footballer in that position could be more expensive than giving continuity to players who do not have the necessary confidence in their teams.

Injuries or their proximity to a call are bad traveling companions for players. The selection lives of very short periods of work, even a World Cup or a European Championship, and the bill for a physical mishap is high. And more when there is repetition in the problems. The fear grows.

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Luis Enrique has given plenty of signs of not getting carried away by personal matters. His first lists were populated by Real Madrid players, then Jordi Alba and his alleged misunderstandings. The side is fixed. Iago Aspas has confessed to not having any problem with him. In public and in private. With Sergio Ramos he counted at the start and then on his way back. A Channels, Nacho, Fabin Ruiz or others to which he has taken and has ceased to have them, it has been for sports matters.

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