Spanish team: The De la Fuente way if Luis Enrique decides to leave after the World Cup

One day we believe that it will continue and another that it is certain that it will go”. It is a phrase that is repeated in the Las Rozas Football City when wondering about the future of Luis Enriquewhose contract with the Federation expires at the same time as Spain’s path to the World Cup in Qatar.

Last March, the Asturian coach was emphatic about how he was going to face this step in his life. He assured that until the World Cup is over, he will not decide. He ratified it hours later Luis Rubiales: “Molina, Luis Henry and I agreed to talk after the World Cup. Nothing has changed, we are happy”. They are rare, to clear to get rid of that issue. But the passing of the months has only ratified that Luis Enrique is not going to make a move until it is known how Spain ends in qatar.

The wish in the City of Football is that it continue Luis Enrique. They are reluctant to make plans for the future, although they do not turn their backs on what might happen if the technician decides to embark on another adventure in December. They know very well that there are clubs very interested in Luis Enrique be your coach next season. It’s not just him Atletico Madrida club that is clear that the day Simeone Asturian leaves is the big bet, something that has also seduced Luis Enrique for a long time.

In the scenario of a negative response the Federation there is a way that is contemplated in Las Rosas: that of a bridge laid with Louis of the Sourcecoach of the sub 21, at least until June.

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De la Fuente: “Yesterday in my town and today here; to exceptional situations, exceptional solutions”

A man of the house, De la Fuente has coached most of the players with whom he played in the youth teams. Luis Enrique He has assembled the World Cup team. Of the 25 that are in Las Rozas right now, 14 have passed through his hands in lower ones in which the coach from La Rioja has been champion of Europe under 19, under 21 and Olympic silver.

There is no decision made, because nothing will be done until Luis Enrique make up your mind But it is a possibility to give continuity to this block, to what has been built, something that could change radically with a coach who arrives from abroad.


On that list is Marcellin, which awaits movements. In his favor there are voices within the RFEF, but there are also those who are reluctant, even from within the team, for a coach whose arrival would mean an important change in many departments of the house. But nothing will move without the word of Luis Enrique.


The big difference with the situation after the World Cup in Russia is that on that occasion Luis Rubiales and Molina, sports director, were very clear that the chosen man was none other than Luis Enrique. Now that unanimity does not exist. It is clear that the goal is for it to be, if necessary, a Spanish coach who takes the place of the Asturian on the bench. There are several names that have already sounded, but reality says that there is no ideal candidate, there is no Luis Enrique on the horizon.

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We must not forget that in March the qualifying phase of the Euro 2024 and that it is possible that in June he will have the Final Four of the Nations League before him.

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