The PDI investigates the death of a person who was found burned inside a stolen car that was burned in Lo Espejo. It is unknown if the death occurred before or after the fire.

A body was found charred inside the trunk of a stolen carwhich was burned in the commune of The Mirror.

The discovery occurred during the early hours of this Wednesday in Clotario Blest at the height of 8200, as far as it went Firemen to put out the fire that destroyed the vehicle.

After controlling the flames, a charred corpse was found inside the trunk of the mentioned mobile, which had charge for theft since last September 17.

The PDI Homicide Brigade was in charge of the investigation, to establish if the person was burned to death or if he was already lifeless when the vehicle was set on fire.

At the moment the identity of the dead person is unknown, according to the South Prosecutor’s Office.