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Telegram is one of the Applications messaging that has been gaining quite a few users over the years, due to its multiple positive functions and its privacy system.

Likewise, the apps It allows you to join different groups that share your same tastes, so it is a very positive option if you want to meet other people and make new friends.

That is why, if you still do not have the app installed on your smartphone, in SPORT we show you how free download Telegram on your cell phone with Android or iOS.

How to download Telegram for free on Android and iOS

  • The first step is to open the Play Store(Android) either App Store (iPhone).
  • Then go to the wanted part and type Telegram.
  • look for the popular app blue and click on it.
  • Now hit the button Install.
  • Wait a few seconds while the app downloads.
  • When this is done, you can open the app.
  • Then, register with your personal data and that’s it.

After this, you can use the app to chat with your friends or join groups with the same interests as you.

How to download Genshin Impact for free on Android

  • From your cell phone, go directly to the Play Store.
  • In the search bar of the appslocated at the top, place the name Genshin Impact.
  • when you find the online gameclick on it.
  • Once this is done, click on the button Installwhich is in the upper right area.
  • Then you will have to wait a few seconds while download the app.
  • After the installation is finished, you will have to open the video game, register and finally you can start your virtual adventure.
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You should keep in mind that Genshin Impact is free; however, the game allows you to invest money to buy some skins, crystals and protogemswhich are used to obtain certain characters through the gachapon system.


  • The first step is to enter the Play Store from your cell phone.
  • Next, go to the search bar and place Crunchyroll.
  • Now click on the green button Install to start the download.
  • You will have to wait a few seconds for the installation to start.
  • Behind this, the app will open and ask you to register your personal data.
  • You can select the plan that best suits you and that’s it.

Once you have the app on your cell phone, you can enjoy all the anime that the platform offers.

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