Texas designates Mexican cartels as “terrorist organizations”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order to designate Mexican cartels as “terrorist organizations” and instructs the state Department of Public Security (DPS) to take immediate measures to address security in the US entity.

Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris requesting to classify the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, among other cartels that produce and distribute drugs, as organizations terrorists federals.

“Fentanyl is a clandestine killer and Texans are falling victim to the Mexican cartels that produce it,” Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement. “Cartels are terrorists, and it’s time we treat them that way. In fact, more Americans died from fentanyl poisoning last year than all the terrorist attacks around the world in the last 100 years. To save our country, particularly our next generation, we must do more to get fentanyl off our streets.”

The governor also directed DPS and other law enforcement authorities to identifyr gangs that are close to the Mexican cartels, confiscate their assets and interrupt their trafficking and communication networks. He emphasized that immediate decisive action is needed by the Biden administration to combat drug trafficking.

Trump planned to appoint them when he was US president

US President Donald Trump said in 2019 that he would designate Mexican cartels as terrorist groups for their role in drug and human trafficking.

“They will be appointed (…) I have been working on it for the last 90 days. You know, the appointment is not that easy, you have to go through a process and we are well into that process,” Trump had told the conservative journalist Bill O’Reilly.

Trump had argued that by designating Mexican cartels as “Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” it will give the US government more power to more effectively deal with drugs flowing into its territory. The United States Congress also considered this possibility, but without success.

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However, the idea was frozen after losing the presidential election in 2020, and the Joe Biden administration has not made that decision, despite expressing it before the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, despite the dialogue that exists with the Mexican government, both for border control and the fight against drug trafficking.


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