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After his speech at the UN General Assembly, President Gabriel Boric commented on a note in the newspaper El País where they compared his speech and that of his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro. “As an Argentine teacher said, the further we are from certain people makes us better,” said the Chilean president during the welcome to his entourage.

President Gabriel Boric is currently visiting the United Stateswhere for the first time he gave a speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations, in New York.

According to La Tercera, after this meeting, the president referred to a publication in the newspaper El País in which the interventions that he and the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, made hours before are compared.

Here, President Gabriel Boric said that the difference that has been made in that environment “exalts us.”

On Tuesday night, during the welcome activity for his entourage at the residence of the Chilean ambassador to the UN, Paula Narváez, President Gabriel Boric spoke about various topics regarding his trip.

It was here that the president made a comment on the note in the Spanish newspaper, in which the speeches of him and Jair Bolsonaro are compared. “Boric and Bolsonaro draw two opposing views of Latin America in the UN General Assembly”, was the name of the note. In addition, they oppose them as “water and oil”.

“Today the newspaper El País stood out by making a parallel between the intervention of the president of Brazil and ours, two different visions of the world that are expressed from Latin America and I believe that this difference exalts us. As an Argentine teacher used to say, the further we are from certain people makes us better”, said President Boric.

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It is worth mentioning that the head of state alludes to an iconic phrase by coach Marcelo Bielsa during a press point.

Then, laughing, the president acknowledged that “that may not seem very diplomatic.”

Before the hostess’s toast, Boric said that “I think it is good to come to this place to present certain visions of the world that we have and what we have come to say here today is that we deeply believe in the unrestricted respect for human rights, that we believe deeply into democracy.

Relations between Brazil and Chile

It goes without saying that relations between Chile and Brazil have been tense in recent times due to various episodes such as: the failed appointment of Sebastián de Depolo as ambassador or Bolsonaro’s accusations against Boric.

Let us remember that the leader of the Democratic Revolution has not yet received the approval of the Brazilian government to assume as ambassador in that country.

His nomination would have caused discomfort in the Planalto Palace, due to his criticism on social networks against President Jair Bolsonaro.

On the other hand, during a debate of presidential candidates in Brazil, Bolsonaro accused Gabriel Boric of having directly participated in the burning of Metro stations in Santiago during the social outbreak.

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