The blessing of Mauricio Macri to his cousin in the City stirred up the Buenos Aires intern of Together for Change

The arm wrestling between Mauricio Macri Y Horacio Rodriguez Larreta by the leadership of the main opposition party is already impacting the City, the cradle of Pro. The former president’s decision to bless his cousin, Jorge Macrias Larreta’s eventual successor agitated the Buenos Aires intern of Together for Change.

Macri’s stitch revealed the ambiguous game of Larreta who, pending to accommodate each of his pieces to strengthen his presidential project and increase his electoral chances, has not yet specified whether he will anoint his Minister of Government and, in this way, maintains latent the chance to bet on Fernan Quiros, Soledad Acuna and even, as the radicals speculate, leaning towards Martin Lousteauthe great challenger of macrismo in the bastion of Pro. There are even larretistas with a black palate who still contemplate Maria Eugenia Vidal Y Patricia Bullrich as potential Buenos Aires candidates.

Revitalized within Pro and with increasing prominence in the discussion for the strategic design of Together for Change to regain power in 2023, Macri plays a leading role and exhibits his ability to influence. Last Sunday, for example, Larreta was anticipated when he came out to strongly support the ambition of the mayor of Vicente López in use of a license to compete for the head of the Buenos Aires government. “I see Jorge very well. I am more and more convinced that he can be the one to give continuity to the City, “he said in an interview he gave to LN+.

Macri’s public blessing to his cousin generated noise in the opposition and activated the Buenos Aires intern of Together for Change. In this ecosystem, the different internal branches of Pro coexist, the radicals led by the Lousteau-Emiliano Yacobitti tandem -in partnership with Daniel “el Tano” Angelici-, the representatives of the Civic Coalition of Elisa Carriothe libertarians who respond to Ricardo Lopez Murphythe emissaries of Public Confidence, of Grace Ocanaand the socialists of Roy Cortina. In that power map, everyone intends to position themselves for the Buenos Aires battle of 2023.

Macri’s commitment to his cousin led the Buenos Aires UCR to the trenches. From capital radicalism they warn that Jorge Macri would not comply with the five years of residence “prior” to the date of the elections, as established by the Constitution of the City. Moreover, they remember the antecedent of Adrian Perez, who was disqualified from competing due to a ruling by the Buenos Aires Superior Court of Justice in 2010. “Mauricio is a living barbarian: he asks that the Constitution be on the table to talk to Cristina, but not to support his cousin who cannot prove the five years of residence. In addition, he was born in Tandil ”, sources from the Buenos Aires UCR launch. Close to Jorge Macri they reject this proposal: they assure that the address “will not be a problem” and that the minister meets the legal requirements to compete.

Larreta and Lousteau
Larreta and Lousteau Evolution

Although Lousteau repeats that he is preparing to compete, his sides still speculate on the chance that Larreta “plays” with the national senator and becomes independent from Macri in 2023. They do not rule out that, faced with the growing role of the former president, the mayor bets on create an “anti-rift pole” within Together for Change. In Lousteau’s environment they relativized the impact of Macri’s endorsement on his cousin: “It does not surprise us and it does not change anything,” they say. Of course, they interpret that the former president sought to send a message to the mayor: “That same day he launched Vidal as a candidate for president,” they comment.

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the doctor Facundo Manes he also looks at the Buenos Aires scenario: he supports Lousteau as a token of the unity of the UCR, but a pact between the senator and the mayor would force him to play with his own candidate in the capital. The Larretistas slip that it is difficult for the Buenos Aires chief to go against the interests of his party in the City.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Soledad Acuña
Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Soledad AcuñaGCBA

Macri’s maneuver caused various readings in Larretismo. On the one hand, there are those who believe that the former president conditioned the mayor by anticipating his support for Jorge Macri. She puts him, they suspect, in front of a trap. “If he supports Jorge now, they will say that it is because Macri blessed him and if he plays with another, it is a war,” they comment in Uspallata. And, on the other, there are strategists from Larreta who recognize that Jorge Macri is the best positioned for the Buenos Aires battle and they do not doubt that he will be the candidate: “Now Mauricio endorses it, but Horacio brought it eight months ago,” they boast.

In the Larretista universe they look suspiciously at the movements of the former president, whom the Buenos Aires chief does not rule out facing in an internal one. For this reason, he keeps latent the chance to promote the candidacies of Quirós or Acuña in the Capital. He asked both of them to arm in the district to strengthen his presidential project. Are they an eventual plan B in case Macri does not endorse his national candidacy or decides to run? There are macristas who suspect that Larreta sought to put the former president between “a rock and a hard place” with the pass of his cousin to the City. “We are going to try not to have to [presionar a Macri con Quirós o Acuña]. Jorge has experience, the rest are fireworks”, says one of the builders of Larretismo.

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Strictly speaking, Macri had already given an implicit signal of his support for his cousin when he endorsed that Ferdinand de Andreis, one of his closest collaborators, will join the team building Jorge Macri’s candidacy in the Capital. Will be your “campaign manager”. In the environment of the city government minister, they clarify that they have not yet entered “campaign mode” and that De Andreis collaborates with the official’s political and management communication. And they trust that Larreta will lean towards Jorge Macri at the end of the road.

Launched in the dispute over the succession of Larreta, Jorge Macri intends to garner the support “of all the Pro”. on that crusade has not yet managed to add the accession of Bullrich, who wrestles with Larreta at the national level. To differentiate themselves from the “ambiguity” of the mayor in the City -he suspects that the alliance with Lousteau, who holds various positions in the Buenos Aires government-, the “hawks” who respond to the former minister –waldo wolff He moved away from bullrichism and joined Jorge Macri’s team- they warn that they will play hard so that the Pro wins the City. And they rule out Bullrich declining his presidential candidacy to compete for Larreta’s succession. “There is no chance”responded after a new survey of a collaborator of the Buenos Aires chief.

The rest of the members of Together for Change in the City look expectant. Carrió already made explicit his preference for Quirós, who awaits a talk with Larreta to define his future. “Step by step,” they insist near the Buenos Aires health minister. Like Acuña, the doctor is willing to fortify the mayor’s project from whatever place he chooses.

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In the Civic Coalition, meanwhile, they are extremely cautious. They consider that It is not yet time to discuss candidacies and they anticipate that the force will make a decision in the City based on its national strategy. “The CC can also provide candidates. We have good leadership in the City and other districts, such as Paula Oliveto, Maximiliano Ferraro, Mariana Zuvic or Fernando Sánchez”, assure those close to Carrió.

Miguel Angel Picketto (Federal Republican Encounter), who aspires to compete in the presidential STEPS of Together for Change, also moves in the bastion of Pro. He recently presented his space in the district -they promote Dante Camaño as a candidate for deputy- and explores agreements with the eventual candidates for head of government -from Jorge Macri to Lousteau or Quirós and Acuña-.

For its part, United Republicans, the force led by López Murphy, pushes the possible candidacy of the legislator for head of Buenos Aires. Roberto Garcia Moritan. Although he builds a national armed force and is focused on the discussion of the government program of Together for Change, the bulldog does not rule out the possibility of going through the City.

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