The controversy unleashed by the Chilean ambassador in Spain in the middle of Boric’s tour in the United States

The first day of President Gabriel Boric in New York -which began this Tuesday within the framework of a new United Nations General Assembly-, coincided with the presentation of its ambassador in Spain, Javier Velascobefore the organization New Economy Forum (NEF).

In that event, the also friend of the President, addressed Chile’s view of that country and the European Union in general, but also made an analysis of the causes that led to the social outbreak of 2019, harshly questioning the former Concertación that today is part from the heart of the government of the Head of State.

His words generated immediate questions in the opposition, but also from figures of the center-left, from where they have summoned the chancellor Antonia Urrejola to intervene.

“The social outbreak of October 18, 2019 was a reaction to a very particular situation in our history. Today we are not in danger of an explosion of these dimensions”, affirmed the also militant of Social Convergence.

Along these lines, he added that after the victory of the plebiscite, “without a doubt protests can take place” because “there are sectors that feel deeply affected by what happened with the Rejection of that immensely progressive constitutional text, which was putting the eyes of the world in our country”.

“But an outbreak of these dimensions is not a trivial matter. For us to get there, it took 30 years of policies that deepened inequality, 30 years of a country perceiving that on a daily basis, ”he stressed, provoking outrage in former foreign ministers such as Herald Munoz (PPD), who invited Chile to call him to order, assuring that he is not “an ambassador of the Broad Front.”

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“I think that this ambassador should be called to a minimum and that he behave as befits a representative of the country as a whole,” said the former foreign minister.

Likewise, he stressed that the statement that “during the past 30 years inequality has deepened” is false.

His peer of the first government of Michelle Bachelet Mariano Fernandez (DC) warned that the sayings of Velasco they contrast with the speech that Boric himself gave yesterday before the UN plenary session, where he highlighted the achievements of those governments as a significant decrease in poverty levels. “I find it quite critical (…) in contradiction to what was expressed by the Head of State about him the same day (…). The Foreign Ministry is going to have to intervene,” he said.

The former Minister of Ricardo Lagos, Sergio Bitar He also maintained that “the recent declarations of the Chilean ambassador in Madrid, that in 30 years of democracy ‘public policies have deepened inequality,’ reveal ignorance, divide the government coalition, weaken the president and contradict his speech at the UN.”

From the UDI, meanwhile, the members of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Christian Moreira Y Christian LabbeThey summoned Minister Urrejola to call the Chilean representative to order.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs has the obligation to intervene as soon as possible and call Ambassador Velasco to order, because he has shown his inability to understand that diplomacy does not deserve to be an opinion expert and that his only responsibility is to defend the interests of our country and not denigrate them,” they argued.

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The stir that the sayings of Velasco caused in Chile, occurs precisely in the framework of President Boric’s second day in the United States, where he has held bilateral talks with the German Foreign Minister Olaf Sholtzthe president of the World Bank, David Malpass and his peer from France, Emmanuel Macron. In the afternoon, in fact, he has an appointment scheduled with the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez.

Until the closing of this edition, neither the Foreign Ministry nor the Presidency had delivered versions of the words of the Spanish ambassador.

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