The demands throw Rocío Flores off television

Rocío Flores leaves television. This has been confirmed by the magazine readings, which argues that the reason why we will not see the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores on a television set derives from the very demands that she would have requested from the network. But, what is it about?

In the first place, as the magazine argues, Rocío Flores would have requested not to talk about all the aspects related to her personal life and not those that devastate her family. Some forecasts that from the chain itself have considered as “inadmissible” to be broadcasting the second season of the docuseries starring her own mother.

Rocío Flores, broken by remembering Rocío Jurado

Rocío Flores, broken by remembering Rocío Jurado


But not only that. The daughter of Antonio David Flores, aware of the pull in terms of audience that she has with her appearances in Ana Rosa’s program, morning space of the chain produced by Unicorn Content, would have requested a salary increase that neither the producer nor the chain are willing to assume.

And it is that, as Readings points out, Flores would charge 1,000 euros per appearance in the Social Club of Ana Rosa’s program. However, it seems that this figure has been too small for him and “he would have asked for such a considerable increase that it has not been accepted, not even remotely, by his bosses.”

Rocío Flores responds in 'AR' to all the controversies

Rocío Flores responds in ‘AR’ to all the controversies


What numbers are we talking about? It should be remembered that Rocío Flores positioned herself as the star signing of Ana Rosa’s program after passing through Survivors and in the midst of all the controversy that arose as a result of the publication of the first part of the documentary starring Rocío Carrasco.

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Rocío Flores in 'AR'

Rocío Flores in ‘AR’


A time in which much has been said about the young woman’s behavior with her classmates and with the program’s team. And, as she points out readings“Rocío Flores has been very protected and, at times, has not been generous with the producer or with many of her colleagues.”

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