the director of the Police told the ELN of promoting some invasions, but Iván Velásquez says that is not true

The Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, denied this Wednesday the director of the Police, General Henry Sanabria, who accused the ELN guerrillas, the FARC dissidents and the Gulf Clan of promoting some land invasions in the country.

The minister stated that the general’s statement is a “hypothesis” that is being verified and He stressed that it cannot be affirmed at this time that a “specific armed group” is behind the occupations.

“It is a hypothesis that is being verified about what General Sanabria raised (…) it is a possibility that is being examined to verify. It cannot be pointed out at this time – based on information that he had before entering here – that there is a specific armed group behind a specific occupation or invasion, ”said the official.

Land invasion in Colombia: the director of the Police responds in WEEK

This Wednesday, in an interview with Vicky in WEEK, General Sanabria spoke about the actions being carried out by the authorities in the face of the invasions that have taken place in recent weeks. The official pointed out that since last August 8, 75 procedures have been carried out in various regions of the country.

“Between August 8 to date we have performed 75 procedures. In these procedures, the Police have accompanied the local law enforcement authorities, especially land restitution inspectors and judges. Most of these procedures have been performed in urban areas, a few are in rural areas”, he expressed.

The general pointed out that several departments such as Cauca, Córdoba and Cesar have encountered resistance from people who have entered the properties by force. He said that even in Cauca they were attacked with shots from “long weapons.”

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“We have encountered resistance in the department of Cauca, where National Police personnel were received with long gun fire. Here we had the support of the National Army. At this time there are personnel from the Army and the National Police at those points where the invasion took place and they were evicted with the potential that they may return. Therefore, we are going to have a very strong (security) device in that department. In Cesar, in Córdoba we have also had some resistance, but not with lethal weapons but with blunt objects,” said the officer, who assured that the Police have acted proportionally in the face of these events.

The director of the Police also affirmed that the Minister of Defense told him that land invasions cannot be allowed and that the eviction operations must be carried out.

“The instruction of the president is to comply with the Constitution and the laws and the Minister of Defense also in the application of the law. The minister has indicated to us that the invasion of land cannot be allowed, that the evictions that are pending must be complied with,” he said.

“We have designed a plan to carry out massive evictions in the next 20 days in different parts of the country due to processes that came from previous years,” he said.

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