The Federal Police had problems with wiretapping after the attack on Cristina Kirchner

The actions of the Federal Police before, during and after the attempt failed against the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner came under the scrutiny of investigators. And there are three sources of concern, not two, as had emerged so far, according to judicial and government sources confirmed to THE NATION.

The latest episode occurred within 72 hours of the attacker’s arrest, Fernando Sabag Montiel, when Justice began to focus on his inner circle. For that, the federal judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti he had ordered his girlfriend’s phone tapped, Brenda Uliarte, with listening that had to be practiced in real time. But he ended up causing another short circuit with the Federal Police.

Judge Capuchetti wanted members of the Federal Police to listen to every conversation that Uliarte had while they were taking place and, if necessary, alert her and her team to any information relevant to the investigation. It was not so.

The short circuit occurred when one of the secretaries of the Federal Court, Federico Clerc, tried to communicate with the person in charge of the wiretapping. Nobody answered him. He then called a superior within the Federal, who did not respond either. Restless, as he rebuilt THE NATIONwent to the place where the wiretapping order was to be executed, but found no one.

Judge Capuchetti warned that the Federal Police was careless when monitoring the wiretapping of Brenda Uliarte after the attack on Cristina Kirchner
Judge Capuchetti warned that the Federal Police was careless when monitoring the wiretapping of Brenda Uliarte after the attack on Cristina KirchnerPSA

From the Ministry of Security, on which the Federal Police depends, they confirmed the incident. “There is something of that”, they indicated. “We received a complaint from the Court for what happened. It is under investigation”, they responded to the direct query of THE NATION.

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From the courts they delved, reluctantly, in that path. “We understand that [en la Policía Federal] there is a summary”, indicated a source aware of what happened, which would mean the third setback of the force in the first days of an investigation that has the vice president in the role of plaintiff.

THE NATION also called the Federal Police, which indicated that it could neither confirm nor deny the opening of an administrative summary to determine responsibilities for what happened in relation to the wiretapping ordered by the Justice.

hours before THE NATION consult his environment, meanwhile, the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, had supported the force from New York, where he accompanied President Alberto Fernández, and rejected the questions that come, even, from the Front of All. “I have bosses and underbosses [en la Federal] that work according to the framework that I defined and that work excellently well”, said the official.

What happened during the wiretapping adds to the questions that the force is already facing. The first focuses on the actions of the guard when they reached the corner of Uruguay and Juncal, where Sabag Montiel managed to fire a pistol, centimeters from the head of the leader of the Front of All, who then continued on the sidewalk for six minutes more without the guards activating the “Action Protocol No. 7”.

What does that protocol stipulate? Regulates how those who ensure the physical safety of the vice president or any other official or dignitary should react to an emergency or an attack, with the arming of a human shield around them, their introduction into a car and their immediate evacuation from the area, as reconstructed THE NATION.

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During the days that followed, the Justice began to analyze his actions, as did the Government – which displaced five agents, reinforced the custody of Fernández de Kirchner with twenty more agents and is evaluating modifying “Protocol 7” – and the Federal Police, whose Internal Affairs area opened an administrative summary. But the main defender of that team was the vice president herself. “The lady does not want changes,” a high-ranking source from the Ministry of Security told THE NATIONdays ago.

The second focus of questions about the actions of the Federal is focused on the deletion of the content of a mobile phone belonging to Sabag Montiel. It happened on September 2, the day after the failed attack, when an agent from the Cybercrime Technical Department tried to extract the data from a Samsung SM-A50 5G device, without an external IMEI, he had problems, and Judge Capuchetti entrusted the phone to the Airport Security Police (PSA), as she herself recounted in the indictment of Sabag Montiel and Uliarte.

The PSA, detailed the judge, received and tried to analyze Sabag Montiel’s phone, which was impossible. “It has not been possible to extract data from the communications equipment due to the conditions in which it is found,” she informed him. “After repeated attempts and using the ‘Samsung Exynon Recovery’ tool available in the UFED TOUCH2 forensic equipment, it has been possible to start the communications equipment, which had an error in its startup sequence (screen), and once started, you have displayed that you have the initial configuration screen (factory reset)”.

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Now it came to light third stumble carried out by the Federal Police during the 72 hours that followed the attempt to assassinate the vice president.

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