The figures of Piqué’s contract, in detail

After disclosing the conditions that he put Leo Messi to renew your contract with the FC Barcelona in 2020, the newspaper The worldin the context of the ‘BarçaLeaks‘, now reveals the contract of Gerard Piqué who, after his renewal in 2018, became the highest paid central defender in the world. He signed it a month after Leo Messi became the highest paid athlete in history.

The defense was guaranteed 142 million of euros gross during the five seasons of validity, since it was applied to the current (2017/18) until the 2021-22according to the contract published by the Madrid newspaper and which figures at 28.4 million gross per season, which could increase if some objectives were met.

The same information details Piquein his conversations with Bartomeutold him that he wanted to be the best-paid center-back in the world and earn more than Sergio Ramossomething he achieved, because the madridista perceived 12.5 million net in Madrid, while the azulgrana would approach 15 if he fulfilled the bonuses, but a minimum of 12 was guaranteed.

The economic conditions of the contract to which you have had access The world reflect establish that Pique I would enter 13,600,000 euros gross as a fixed annual salary. In another contract, the part of income from image rights would be added, since the law allows players to enter 15% of their income in their clubs for that concept, with a lower tax burden. Next, the employment contract details numerous bonuses linked to the achievement of objectives, in a structure similar to the employment contract. Messiin addition to others for special prizes and loyalty.

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The sum of the guaranteed amount (12 million), in which it is understood that a bonus for loyalty would be included, plus the “special prize”, the “extraordinary bonus” and income per image yield a total amount of 142,073,272 million . That is, 28.4 for each of the five seasons.

Renewal with the arrival of the pandemic

In view of the hard economic blow that it meant for the Barca -as for most of the big clubs-, which saw their expenses radically reduced, Gerard Piqué was one of four players – along with Ter Stegen, Lenglet and De Jong– who agreed to extend their relationship with Barça in exchange for deferring their salary. The same information they sign Esteban Urreiztieta Y Orpheus Suarez details that the amounts agreed in subsequent years with Pique they were 18 million gross in the 2020/21 season; 27.7, in 2021/22; 29.50 in 2022/23 and 40.80 in the last one, 2023/24. The sum of the amounts shows even higher sums, although everything indicates that they would be based on the bonuses, adjustments and deferrals.

The same information details that the figures refer to the renewal that you signed before Bartomeu resigned in November 2020 and that they do not know if he has ended up reducing his income after the talks he has had with the current president, Joan Laporta.

Accused of causing “a very serious injury”

On the other hand, El Mundo makes a second installment detailing the stir it caused in the club that Pique was the producer of the documentary ‘The decision’in which Griezmann announced that it would continue one more season in the Athletic instead of signing for the Barca that summer of 2018. In an internal report, the Barca He accused Piqué of causing “very serious damage” by asking the entity to interact with his private businesses. The legal services condemned the footballer “putting his interests before those of the club”, “disrespecting” and creating a “conflict of interest” by Barca. As a result of this conduct, the club considered sanctioning him with “25% of a month’s salary, which could amount to more than 300,000 euros.” However, as a result of the power that the players had then, the punishment came to nothing.

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