The handsome Francisco Gattorno shines in the kitchen of MasterChef Mexico

The handsome Cuban actor Francisco “Popi” Gattorno, known for his performances in several Cuban films and Mexican soap operas, shines these days on Mexican TV, cooking on the “MasterChef” program in that country.

Gattorno said that he has enjoyed all these programs, as cooking is one of his great talents. He assured the Mexican press that he usually prepares his dishes on weekends for family and friends. Although doing it in front of cameras, he has a lot of difference, but it is not something that takes him to get used to.

“Food is like a magical thing, isn’t it? It is said that “we are what we eat”, I completely agree with that”, he specified to the Aztec press.

Francisco Gattorno recalled that “every Sunday they religiously went to eat at their grandmother’s house, who had everything meticulously calculated and cooked with her hands.” He explained that she hardly used any utensils and tasted everything she made. He says that there she learned everything she knows in the kitchen. “My grandmother would be the champion of any edition of MasterChef,” he assured.

What Gattorno likes to cook the most

The actor pointed out that his specialty, of course, is Cuban food, especially “ropa vieja”, always with conger eels, bananas, onions and avocado. Gattorno was chosen as a MasterChef contestant last July and has since been preparing for filming.

MasterChef Celebrity 2022 comes out at 8 p.m. local time every Sunday on Azteca Uno. Celebrities face cooking challenges with ingredients or recipes decided by chefs Betty Vázquez, José Ramón Castillo and Pablo Albuerne, who also make jury to eliminate a participant every week.

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Francisco Gattorno was born in Santa Clara, Cuba, on October 12, 1964. His debut in Cuban cinema came with the well-known film “A Bride for David.” He is also remembered in the film “Strawberry and Chocolate”.

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