The importance of Mindfulness becomes relevant in the workshop on stress management in rare autoimmune diseases

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The importance of Mindfulness becomes relevant in the workshop on stress management in rare autoimmune diseases

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With the objective of improve the quality of life of women living with autoimmune diseases providing specific information and putting stress management techniques into practicefrom FEDER the workshop management of stress in autoimmune diseases under the framework of the gender program.

There is a higher prevalence in women compared to men of rare autoimmune diseases, where women represent 80% of all patients with this type of disease. Y more and more studies support the relationship between stress, its management and our immune system, That is why the Psychological Attention Service considers it important to be aware of the emotional self-regulation strategies and of techniques of mindfulness and relaxation that can help on a day-to-day basis to manage potentially stressful situations and to manage our emotions and ideas in the face of various daily situations.

How is stress managed?

The development of workshop it was quite dynamic, interspersing theoretical aspects with practical ones. At the beginning of the workshop, a small relaxation exercise was carried out that lasted between two and three minutes with the aim of introducing the participants to the topic.

The main doubts they had were about the influence of stress on autoimmune diseases, since all of them suffered from some. The influence of this both at an organic and psychological level and what strategies or techniques can be put in place to manage it in an adaptive way was another of the great interests. On the other hand, the importance of the environmental factors in the development of stress and as a daily stress it can become chronic and that can impact our health.

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Finally, the participants were unaware of the practice Mindfulness so it was explained what this practice is based on and what its main benefits are. It ended with a “body scan” exercise that encompasses both relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

“I have realized the great importance of controlling stress and anxiety, especially in people with autoimmune diseases”; “I have managed to achieve a state of relaxation thanks to the exercises carried out”; commented one of the participants. While another claimed to have learned “useful strategies and exercises to manage stress in my daily life” and that “adapting to the adverse situations that arise in life is essential to achieve a balance.”

From the FEDER Psychological Attention Service, it is considered that it was a very nice and participatory workshop in which the participants shared their experiences from which they were learning from each other. After the workshop, which has been possible thanks to the support of Kyowa Kirinthe fourteen participants conveyed their satisfaction with it and the importance it has for the relationship between stress and disease management.

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