The indignation of the complainant of Gerardo Romano for the kiss between Flor de la V and the actor

Gerard Roman confronted in the media the serious accusation made by the actress Paula Di Chellowho claims that her colleague pushed her against a wall, kissed her and left her lip bleeding during the recording of a scene in which none of that was supposedly written down in the script.

To show that he had not committed any type of abuse, the actor surprisingly recreated that sequence live and kissed Florencia de la V on the air of Intruders (America). “I’m not going to do anything to you. I have you like this, against the wall. This was so, give me your lip. I did like this and took it out”, he explained imitating what happened. And, laughing, the cheerleader exclaimed: “I just got kissed by Gerardo Romano!”.

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That television moment outraged the complainant. Di Chello spoke with Miter Live and she was very upset by the way in which the subject was approached in the series of shows. “After, when I saw this humiliation they did again to personify the scene and laugh like that, I don’t know what they’re laughing atI would love to know,” he lamented.

On the other hand, she pointed out the comment made by her colleague about her not responding to her canon of beauty: “I saw a bit of all the answers that this man gave and The truth is that if I’m not his taste in a woman, he’s not mine either.”.

In addition, she questioned how Romano implied that she was looking for fame and money: “I don’t know where she could have gotten my bank accounts, I really don’t know how she has access to know if I have money or not.”

This was the kiss between Gerardo Romano and Florencia de la V

During the controversial interview, Gerard Roman He denied the facts of which he accuses them Paula DiCello. A fictional performance cannot be illegal. It is as if Luisa Kuliok filed a complaint against Arnaldo André for slapping him in soap operas. It is a lie that what happened was not scripted, ”she started by saying.

Look at Gerardo Romano’s kiss to Flor de la V. (Photo: Télam – Instagram / flordelave)

After that clarification, Romano held Flor’s face and approached her to recreate the sequence that led to the public complaint. The situation led to the kiss that outraged Di Chello.

Gerardo Romano: “I am giving explanations like a p…, with my children believing that I am a rapist”

After kissing the driver of the cycle, Romano continued with his defense and remarked that the complaint against him has no basis. I don’t remember and I don’t have the script. I don’t know if it was marked. I very much doubt that (the director) Hugo Alejandro Moser would let an actor invent a kissing scene where he hadn’t,” he explained.

And he added: “What shows that she is lying and has bad intentions is that she says that I ran her through the corridors. I never did that. I was shy and withdrawn, I was not going to pick up girls at the bowling alley.

The actor Gerardo Romano was denounced in the media by a former partner. (Photo: Capture America)

It was at that moment that Marcela Tauro, a panelist on the show program, wanted to know why she reacted with such indignation to the accusation against her. “How can I not be angry? I’m here giving explanations like an asshole, with my children, who think I’m a rapist “he replied.

In closing, he recounted the type of defamation he has to deal with on social networks: “They say anyone. Yor I have read: ‘Gerardo Romano is going to buy merchandise in town 1 11 14 and he takes 14-year-old boys to fuck’. And that’s what my children read, too. And now this girl says this and they call me ‘violin’”.

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