The Interterritorial Council of the National Health System approves the unique vaccination registry against Monkeypox

It is a document that has been worked on with the autonomous communities and cities in order to formalize the information related to vaccination against this virus.

The DAC is the result of the work of the General Secretariat of Digital Health and the autonomous communities and cities and includes the commitment to carry out vaccination against Monkeypox following the recommendations approved by the Public Health Commission.

It also specifies that the autonomous communities and cities will provide information from the records and information systems of vaccines against Monkeypox, or from any other information system within the framework of competences, to the State Vaccination Registry (REGVACU), managed by the Ministry of Health. These data will be sent on a weekly basis.

COVID vaccination

On the other hand, at the meeting the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, shared with the SNS Health advisers the arrival of 44 million doses of vaccines adapted to variants against COVID-19 for the next vaccination campaign. vaccination with the booster dose that will start on September 26 throughout Spain.

In addition, the Minister of Health has brought to the plenary session the distribution of funds for a total of 188.4 million euros, of which 16 will be for Mental Health and 172.4 for Primary Care.

In this sense, the CISNS has approved the distribution of 172,425,000 euros for the development of the Primary and Community Care Action Plan, after its approval in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday.

Among the different co-financed actions are those aimed at increasing the resolution capacity of Primary Care, through the identification of diagnostic procedures that can be done from Primary Care and that are now carried out from Hospital Care. They will also serve for the acquisition of equipment that improves diagnostic capacity.

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Likewise, these funds will be used to optimize the administrative processes carried out in Primary Care to achieve the necessary agility or to implement SNS strategies such as the Cancer Strategy with, for example, the promotion of cervical screening; o The Chronicity Management Strategy in polymedicated patients, with more effective care. Among other measures, these funds will aim to strengthen community orientation and health promotion.

mental health funds

The CISNS has also approved the distribution of funds to autonomous communities and INGESA for an amount of 16 million euros for the Mental Action Plan, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on August 1.

These funds are intended to optimize comprehensive mental health care in all areas of the SNS, including improvements in digital transformation. In addition, this financing includes mechanisms and actions to fight against the stigmatization of people with mental health problems and against addictions with or without substances. Campaigns or hotlines against suicidal behavior are also included.

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