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This Wednesday a new season of The island of temptations that will come loaded with many novelties and, above all, with many varied feelings. And it is that, as we have already verified with previous editions, everyone who lives this experience gets carried away by a real roller coaster of sensations that, on many occasions, ends up disrupting their lives.

The great protagonists are the couples who decide to put their relationships to the test. They will be the ones who experience the strongest emotions. Although the temptations are not far behind, all those singles who join the adventure in search of love or popularity.

More than one has achieved its goal and has ended up breaking up a couple that, a priori, seemed very solid. We’ll see what happens in this edition. What is clear is that the paired ones are going to have it complicated with this group of singles and singles They arrive ready for anything.

Ten girls between 20 and 34 years old and 8 boys between 23 and 31 years old. All beautiful and wanting to have fun. We have already seen the first images of this new edition and it is clear that there are a lot of parties of those in which the temperature rises.

And yes, the numbers don’t add up, but they’ve already announced that there are three VIP singles that we already know and that we really like. We will have to wait to find out who they are.

Valeria Ardila (20 years old)

She works as public relations in Valencia: “I am the perfect combination to find love”.

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Irene Vinolo (22 years old)

An event hostess in Seville: “I don’t just have hair when I’m wild, I’m a beast in bed.”

Yuleima (22 years old)

A tourism student from Las Palmas: “When I like a boy, his girlfriend disappears.”

Maxi Marie Probst (22 years old)

An international model who comes from Las Palmas, but was born in Germany: “Appearances say one thing, my Canarian blood says another.”

Maria de los Angeles (25 years old)

A social communicator between Venezuela and Malaga: “I am the hot spark, anyone would bite my apple.”

Elena Vazquez (21 years old)

A personal trainer from Malaga: “I’m a piece of woman, let the island burn.”

Cristina Segura (26 years old)

A teacher from Granada: “I’m single and single only until I get to LIDLT.”

Jessica Pires (30 years old)

An influencer from Tenerife: “The legend is true, they have never told me no.”

Sofia Perona ‘La Gata’ (23 years old)

A singer from Castellón: “I’m the cat and I won’t come back from LIDLT without my tiger”.

Mona (34 years old)

An aesthetic medicine assistant from Barcelona: “I’m finally single and ready to break hearts.”

Adrian Ramirez (25 years old)

A real estate consultant from Seville: “I am more ardent than the lights of the April fair.”

Aitor López del Campo (30 years old)

A commercial from Madrid: “I am an animal of love in danger of extinction”.

Isay Donate (26 years old)

A personal trainer from Tenerife: “Surfing love is my specialty, do you sign up?”

Leon Rodriguez (24 years old)

A digital marketing expert from Valencia: “This experience is the next step in my flirting career. I plan to get the title with honors.”

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Edward Aponza (25 years old)

An industrial electromechanical from Murcia: “My favorite activity is golfing, I am an expert”.

Brian (25 years old)

A logistics supervisor from Barcelona: “As a tempter I am twice as good as my colleagues.”

Alvaro Llorens (31 years old)

A personal trainer from Valencia: “With this body and this face, not flirting is an insult.”

Vladimir (23 years old)

An opponent of a firefighter from Seville: “Whoever plays with fire gets burned and I’m going to light the flame.”

The countdown has begun.

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