The liberal senator Mario Castaño accepted that he is corrupt and accepts an early sentence

After an investigation for leading a criminal structure, Liberal senator Mario Alberto Castaño received an early hearing today after accepting the charges for conspiracy to commit a crime, embezzlement by appropriation, undue interest in entering into contracts, attempted embezzlement by appropriation, aggravated fraud and concussion.

senator’s network would have entangled a group of mayors, officials and individuals who would have appropriated multimillion-dollar resources of the public administration coming from the patrimony of the State.

The Special Investigation Chamber shall forward the file to the Special First Instance Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice to issue the respective sentence.

At the time, the elected senator could not be sworn in due to the mega-scandal with tentacles in at least 6 departments that so far has 20 people in jail. On August 30, he had already notified the Supreme Court of Justice that he would accept all the charges and that, therefore, I would admit that it is corrupt.

The Article Is In Spanish🡽

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