The links between Gabriel Carrizo’s lawyers and the opposition | From PRO advisers to defenders of the leader of “the copitos band”

A ghost haunts the cause of the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: the ghost of the links with the most rancid sectors of the opposition. The defense of one of the detainees, Nicolás Carrizo –the leader of the copitos gang– gave wings to that ghost. Not without resistance PRO deputy Karina Bachey ended up throwing Brenda Salva, who advised her in Congress while she was part of the team that defends to whom he boasted on WhatsApp of having a plan to kill CFK and intentions to assassinate his son, deputy Máximo Kirchner. Salva’s disaffection had been claimed by the block of the Front of All (FdT) after the macrista legislator said that she is a “fan of freedom of work.” Salva followed the same fate as his colleague Gastón Marano, defender of Carrizo that also advised another member of Mauricio Macri’s party, Senator Ignacio Torresbefore the Bicameral Intelligence Commission (CBI) –one of the most sensitive areas of Congress.

Carrizo has been one of the protagonists of the investigation carried out by federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo. His defense is not far behind. Arrested last Wednesday in the courts of Comodoro Py, Carrizo got a lawyer that same day. Marano came to participate in the raid ordered by the magistrate. According to what the lawyer told this newspaper, his arrival in the case was through a colleague active in social networks whom Carrizo’s brother would have contacted. According to Marano’s version, the file for the attempted murder of CFK is a challenge that any criminal would like to take on and a good screen to show his skills as a lawyer.

However, many of the doubts that permeate the political ecosystem were highlighted by the Justice Minister Martin Soria. “I have no doubt that there is something else behind these people: someone finances them, someone provided logistics, intelligence, someone provided television cameras and someone massified them online to show the guillotines or the hanging dolls. from the bars of the Casa Rosada. Someone is paying the lawyers today”, said the minister in an interview with The Uncover Radio.

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Marano has been known for years in the security world. He worked for years at the United States embassy in the Citizenship Office, which deals –among other things– with extraditions. There are those who link him to the former head of the Intelligence Secretariat (SI) Miguel Ángel Toma, a relationship that Marano denies. In 2011, he was a candidate for alternate deputy on a list that was a collector of the one that had Eduardo Duhalde as a candidate for president. In 2019, he filed a complaint against Marcelo Sebastian D’Alessio for usurpation of title after it was known that he had not even passed by the corner of the Faculty of Law. In recent months, he has been advising the legislator of La Libertad Avanza Ramiro Marra in his crusade against leftist parties and social movements for social plans.

Marano arrived at the CBI in May of this year. Senator Torres, according to other media reports, made it known that he had been “introduced” to Marano. It is not clear how that presentation was or who officiated as presenter. The lawyer says he knows nothing more than having crossed paths with Gerardo Milman on a television channel and having no link with Cristian Ritondo, the two heavyweights of macrismo in the CBI.

Torres authorized Marano to verify the summary of activities carried out by the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) during the past year –which is classified material– and the lawyer would also have been analyzing the possibility of an intelligence reform –a project that the government did not send to the Legislative Power despite the President’s announcement last March and it seems that it will not have momentum in the short term. Last June, the CBI noticed his presence when a plenary session of the Bicameral was going to be held to discuss the situation of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane. As it was an instance in which only senators and representatives could participate, Oscar Parrilli asked Marano to withdraw – to which he diligently agreed.

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After it became known that he had taken charge of Carrizo’s defense, Torres contacted Moreau to let him know that he had decided to disaffect Marano. The president of the body complied with the procedure early on Monday and the lawyer was left without access. There are many suspicions that the band of copitos had terminals in some intelligence sector.

Doubts increased when it was learned that Marano had authorized Salva and Fernando Sicilia to verify the file. Sicily is an old acquaintance in the IWC. is the lawyer defender of two of the distinguished members of the Super Mario Bros —the members of the AFI who were dedicated to political espionage–: the lawyer Facundo Melo and the Buenos Aires policeman Leandro Araque. In court, Sicilia attacked the theory of self-employment – ​​which was validated by the Federal Chamber – and targeted the leadership of the macrista AFI. He is also the defender of the expert witness David Cohen – who manipulated the reports in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) case to harm the former Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido – and intervenes in the case of the Villa Crespo sect. His profile is eclectic: he is a plaintiff attorney in cases of institutional violence such as the Wilde massacre or the execution of Diego Cagliero.

Marano denies that Sicilia intervenes in Carrizo’s defense. He says that his inclusion in a brief was due to a bureaucratic error because they share other cases in other jurisdictions. “I am not going to defend anyone who attempts against the democratic order, beyond the fact that I believe in the right of defense”Sicilia responds to a query from Page 12 but adds that he does not plan to appear to clarify in the case that he is not linked to the file.

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With Salva, Marano shares a law firm. The woman also worked as a columnist for A24, Crónica and La Nación+. Although she is not designated as a co-defendant, she has come out to give interviews in recent days about the Carrizo situation. Salva worked as a consultant on disability issues of Deputy Bachey since May. That same month Marano arrived at the CBI and that same month Federal Revolution appeared on the scenethe right-wing extremist group that is suspected of having communicating vessels with the cups.

On Monday, the FdT had demanded Salva’s dismissal after Bachey had told Profile that she was a “fan of freedom to work” and that she had not bought all of her advisor’s time. On Tuesday, the deputy informed through a statement of her “unwavering decision to disaffect” Salva. “From my position as a political leader, it is up to me to ensure the clarification of this fact”, wrote the PRO legislator. However, the day after the CFK attack, he had not been so cautious when he took to Twitter. “Victimize yourself, legal cases, penalties, and now poor thing!!!! The circus and its artists!!!”, he had written then.

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