The man from ‘La voz senior’ is the father of a famous person who died; Iván Lalinde was cold when he found out

The conversations between the participants of ‘La voz senior’ with the members of the program leave some striking moments, such as Kany García’s affirmation about the future alternatives in her romantic life.

However, a 68-year-old man from Bogotá surprised presenter Iván Lalinde during the interview prior to the blind audition he did in the Canal Caracol singing contest.

Apart from telling him about his love of rock and other topics in his life through the postcards he shared, he told him about his son, who was a national celebrity who died a few years ago.

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‘The senior voice’: man is the father of a celebrity who died and Iván Lalinde cried

Enrique Cuéllar told “La voz senior” about his son Alejandro, which immediately led the host of the program to an affirmation, in the midst of surprise at the story.

“As soon as you said the name, the story of a great chef who had this city and left came to me,” said Iván Lalinde, crying, remembering the late chef Alejandro Cuéllar.

When consulting the father about the qualities that his son left him, the singer recalled the “kindness, purity and talent” of the man who died when he was director of the renowned Canasto Picnic Bistró restaurant in Bogotá.

Amid the nostalgia and motivation with which he presented himself, Enrique Cuellar did not qualify for the next phase, but he did have the opportunity to play some songs on stage with the jury.

This was the seventh chapter of the singing program with older adults as participants, replicated by a user from YouTube with the moving conversation.

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