The Monumental dressed as a party at Leo Ponzio’s farewell

Leo Ponzio had his well-deserved farewell in a packed Monumental that vibrated due to the presence of the Eternal Captain and countless glories that participated in his party.

Leo Ponzio lived his big party at the Monumental
© river pressLeo Ponzio lived his big party at the Monumental

River fans attended the Monumental Stadium with the hope of saying goodbye to Leo Ponzio, but also with the idea of ​​enjoying a football party. The presence of great glories of the Millionaire and old companions of the Eternal Captain were a guaranteed show. Already the starting line-ups of each of the teams invited us to enjoy a great game. And the protagonists more than complied.

In the first 45 initial minutes, the fans who attended the Temple of Núñez and those who followed the meeting through the Star + broadcast were able to enjoy various luxuries and pearls. The person in charge of opening the scoring was Nacho Fernández after a great play that was born at the feet of Hernán Díaz and that included the participation of Enzo Pérez, Chori Domínguez and Oso Pratto. It was just the announcement of the great game that would come.

A couple of minutes later, Nacho Scocco put in a fabulous assist for Enzo Pérez, who finished by puncturing the ball over Julio Chiarini’s body. A great goal to Messi. The team’s reaction with the red band was not long in coming and revived an old formula that gave the Greatest so much joy: Andrés D’Alessandro’s center back and Fer Cavenaghi’s heel goal. The magic, intact.

The first half continued to be entertaining and with a shower of goals. Alejandro Domínguez, with a left-footed shot from the corner, stretched the difference for the red cast, but Andrés D’Alessandro with a beautiful Vaseline put the match 3 to 2 in favor of Leo Ponzio’s cast. El Torito, with another great definition, established the partial tie, but El Chori appeared again to make the difference. The procedure was stick and stick and the fans went crazy.

At 25 minutes came probably the best play of the entire match: an individual maneuver by Enzo Francescoli, who through pure dribbling and a tunnel against Leo Ponzio himself, managed to get around the mark and define with a right cross. A great goal from the Prince, which aroused the applause of the 70 thousand souls, the hug of the honoree and the applause of Marcelo Gallardo himself, who stood up from the bench to congratulate him.

The red team once again took control of the game and went back up the scoreboard thanks to a penalty that Pablo Lunati did not hesitate to sanction. The person in charge of kicking was neither more nor less than Leo Ponzio, who defined with great class, against a stick, and received applause and applause from everyone. The goal we all came to see. Of course, the story did not end like that and on the next play, in the other goal, Loco Abreu put on his show and took a penalty to establish the fifth goal for the red band team.

At the start of the complement, Beto Bologna made a mistake typical of this kind of match and the one who took advantage was David Nalbandian, who defined practically at the mouth of the goal. The last emotion was at the feet of Braian Romero, who established the final 7-6 in favor of the white and red team, who stayed with a friendly that had high-flying moments and a final image: Enzo Pérez put on his shoes again gloves and cut a few minutes, to the delight of all the supporters and of Ponzio himself, who also put on his gloves and held off a penalty against Enzo. A sensational finishing touch for the great party of the most successful winner in the history of River.

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