The morning-after pill will be free and available without a prescription in France from 2023

Starting next year the morning after pill can be obtained in France at any pharmacy without prescription and for free. The objective is to facilitate access to emergency contraception as announced by the Minister of Health Francois Braun which highlighted the need to “combat difficulties in accessing emergency contraception, as it is known to be most effective in the 24 hours following a relationship that poses a risk of pregnancy”.

The cost of this measure is included in the Social Security budget for 2023 and it is not a new measure at all, but rather it is about expanding the current rule that allows underage girls to request this contraceptive method free of charge and without a prescription.

Also free and without the need for a prior medical prescription will be the controls for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases for all young people up to 26 years of age, which is the most affected population group.

In Spain, after the abortion law promoted by Irene Montero, the morning-after pill is also free. To date, it was bought in pharmacies without the need for a prescription for a price of 20 euros. However, after the novelties of Sánchez’s regulations, health centers, sexual and reproductive health service centers, and pharmacies will have to distribute it free of charge.

This aspect of the law has not been without controversy since a mandatory clause is included for pharmacies to distribute the morning-after pills, something that some consider contrary to the conscientious objection of pharmacists. In fact, in 2015 the Constitutional Court recognized a pharmacist from Seville’s right to conscientious objection as a manifestation of ideological and religious freedom, which the Constitution recognizes in its art. 16.1.

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