“The most beautiful thing would be to be able to finish here playing a doubles with Nadal, he has been my great rival”

the swiss Roger Federer He gave his first press conference this Wednesday after announcing his retirement from professional tennis last week, with which he will put an end to 24 years of career successful sport.

The Swiss has appeared before journalists at the presentation conference of the Laver Cup, in which it will be his last participation as an active professional tennis player and in which he will not participate in the individual draw. “I was sad when I realized it was the end,” she said. “It was after Wimbledon that I made the decision.”

The inconvenience and injuries dragged on in the last two seasons motivated the decision of the Helvetian, matured during the last campaign. “It was not easy to face all the questions of the withdrawal without getting emotional”he recounted, describing that it has been a decision “very thoughtful” and that he has had “a long time to take it: “I haven’t played for more than a year”.

On his farewell from the courts in the doubles match with Rafael Nadal As a couple, the Swiss is excited. “It is clear that the most beautiful thing would be to play doubles here with him, because it has been my great rivalry”he has stated.

I am very proud of what I have achieved. After winning at Wimbledon the sixth time (fifteenth ‘big’), everything else has been a bonus. Having (Pete) Sampras in the stands was special. I am happy that I was able to win 20 Grand Slams and more than 100 titles.”

Roger Federer's kick in Dubai.

Questioned about whether he is considered one of the most successful athletes of all time, the tennis player from basel believes that the key to this is having achieved consistency, “because when I was young I was not. I have been at the top for many years. I have struggled to win almost everything I have played. I always looked at the regularity of Tiger Woods either Michael Schumacher and I’m happy to be able to be compared to them,” he said.

He has also highlighted several moments as the most important of his career. “When I managed to beat Peter Sampras at Wimbledon and when I managed to beat Nadal in Australia in 2017…although it’s not something I’ve given much thought to either.”

“I am happy to have been able to win 20 Grand Slams and more than 100 titles”

Regarding the details that he will surely miss when he is not active, he highlights: “Put on my shoes… my shirt before playing, think about the game… It’s nice and stressful”has indicated visibly excited.

Words towards Alcaraz and the generational change

Regarding the new number 1 and the words that the Murcian dedicated to him referring to his legacy, the man from Basel stated: “I feel bad not having played with him. What he has done at the US Open has been fantastic. It will be a of tennis stars, I’ve always said. It was nice to hear your words, we had a ball once at Wimbledon“.

He has also referred to the new batch of players, who will be the relief for him and for when Nadal is not there. “She will be good and athletic, more than ever. Alcaraz, Zverev, Tsitsipas… there will not be so much serve and volley, the players stay on the baseline after the serve”, he indicated.

future and family

The winner of 20 Grand Slams He was grateful that the Rod Laver, the tournament in which he will say goodbye, is being held in London. “The city is one of the most special in my career, because of what Wimbledon has meant to me. People have supported me from day one,” she said.

Your next short-term steps focus on getting some rest, spending more time with your family, and enjoying a vacation. “I want to see some of my games and read everything that has been written about me that I haven’t read yet”.

“I don’t want to think about that right now about what relationship I will have with tennis. I just want the fans to know that they will continue to watch me.” And to applause, the Swiss tennis player has concluded the press conference.

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