The opposition rejects the expansion of the Court and assures that it will stop it in the Chamber of Deputies

The call of the ruling party to meet this Thursday in the Senate with the aim of approving the court expansion unified to Together for Change in rejecting the initiative. Referents of the main opposition coalition, which already anticipated that it will not give a quorum in the upper house, rejected the measure that seeks to increase the number of judges of the highest court to 15. They agreed that the reform responds to the interests of Cristina Kirchner and they remarked that it shows that the call for dialogue made by the Government “is not sincere”. Along the same lines, they warned that the project will not be able to advance in Deputies.

“Tomorrow we will not give a quorum, but if Kirchnerism achieves it, we will demonstrate on the floor how this reform only seeks to attend to the private agenda of the vice president,” said the senator. Martin Lousteau to THE NATION and I add: “There is no technical or political reason that can support this hilarious project that seeks to put the Supreme Court of Justice in the hands of the Peronist governors. If they really wanted to make justice more agile, we would be debating the transfer of services to the City”.

Along these same lines, the president of the radical caucus of the Senate, Louis Naidenoff: “It is one more chapter of the path that matters most to Cristina Kirchner that has nothing to do with the people’s agenda. It is a crude and absurd attempt at his obsession with Justice”, he told this medium and assured: “Everything that Kirchnerism tried in judicial matters was a failure. It is one more attempt that may pass in the Senate, but it will sleep in the Deputies”.

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“It has no margin in Deputies”, he agreed John Manuel Lopezpresident of the block of the civic coalition and I add: “It is a concrete threat against the Judiciary before the sentence of Public Work”.

The leaders agreed that the will of the ruling party to bring this issue to the floor shows that “you cannot believe” in the call made by the Government days ago to “lower a change.” “This is a clear example. You cannot believe in the dialogue of those who have always reviled him“, I consider Naidenoff. “It is one more issue that obstructs dialogue,” said López. “They speak of peace and declare war on the institutions of the Republic”, said the head of Pro Patricia Bullrich in dialogue with this medium.

The senator from Mendoza Alfredo Cornejo He maintained that “the Court’s treatment of modification is the demonstration that Kirchnerism must be taken for what they do and not what they say”. The former president of the UCR concluded: “On the one hand they talk about dialogue and on the other they call a session without minimum agreements with the opposition and elbows”.

The Government’s call for dialogue is not sincere”, he sentenced mario nigri through his Twitter account. “If they wanted to agree with the opposition to strengthen democracy, they would not try to approve in the Senate at all costs the expansion of the Court to 25 members, a nonsense that can only be explained by the search for impunity,” said the president of the UCR bloc. in the lower house and added: “If Kirchnerism manages to expand the Court in the Senate session, it will be a distracting move. It does not have the votes in Deputies. In addition, each new minister of the Court needs 2/3 of the Senate, a majority that they do not have and will not have. The Constitution protects us from authoritarianism.”

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For its part, Paula Olivet, national deputy of the CC, launched: “Do you think that with the crisis that the country has, the Senate votes to expand the Court? Do you think that we Argentines are Cristina’s instruments to condition justice? Who are the accomplices? Who talks with these unpresentables?”.

“Kichnerism asks the opposition in Deputies for institutional responsibility for the treatment of the Budget, which we have. And in the Senate they irresponsibly advance with an unconstitutional law to modify the Supreme Court. They are incorrigible.” the deputy said on that social network Silvia Lospennato (Pro).

Alejandro “Topo” Rodriguez, of the federal Interbloc, personally considered that the reform “has no destiny” and also criticized the Government for choosing to advance with this measure. “Instead of embarking on institutional fantasies, the government should deal with inflation and the social crisis,” he told THE NATION.

A few hours after the session called for tomorrow was confirmed, the national table of Together for Change issued a statement rejecting “the attempts to attack Justice that generate a distancing of the institutions from the real problems” of the Argentines and state that “the only thing that the Front of All is dedicated to is to seek its impunity”.

There is no way to build consensus in the political leadership that today society claims and demands, if the Government itself encourages an agenda that has nothing to do with solving inflation, reducing poverty, ending insecurity, incorporate vast sectors of our society into the world of work, generate agreements to increase investments in the strategic sectors of our economy, establishing clear and permanent rules”, they concluded.

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