The reason why spices should not be missing when seasoning your food

Turmeric. paprika or curry among the best spices that cannot be missing in your kitchen.

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When we cook we usually use very few spices and, above all, we limit ourselves to always using the same ones: salt, pepper and, perhaps, saffron. However, the world of spices presents a wide variety of alternatives that are not only tasty but also have a series of qualities, often unexpected, that can bring various benefits to our body. Let’s see what are the reasons to start using spices and which ones should never be missing in your kitchen.

Why you should start using spices and which ones should never be missing in the kitchen

Full of interesting properties, spices are an excellent way to season the poorest dishes and give an exotic touch to our table. These are foods that we tend to consider particular or rare to find, if not downright expensive, when on the other hand this is not the case at all: in fact, they can also be found on the shelves of any supermarket and, moreover, the offer is becoming more and more varied. .

The benefits of spices

The benefits of spices are different: for example, they improve the organoleptic properties of foods, allowing them to be stored better and providing an excellent sprint in terms of flavour.

So, as mentioned, they are also good for our body: thanks to antioxidants, and their digestive and metabolic properties. Lastly, they are rich in minerals, which is why they help our body to fill up more quickly without any contribution of additional fats or other additives, thus being foods that can help you follow a macrobiotic diet without having to give up taste. So let’s see which are, in addition to those already mentioned, the spices that you should not do without.

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The best spices for cooking

We have already seen what some of the properties that spices have, but if you want to know which are the best to use in your kitchen, you should buy these:

Peppers : paprika has a very strong flavour, although this can vary depending on the type since there are, for example, also sweet and smoked paprika. Like all spices, this one is also known for its digestive properties. Also, it is good for the body due to its antiseptic and disinfectant abilities. But how to use it to enrich our recipes? As for dishes, its use is essential in vegetable dishes, in stir-fries and even to make sauces in meat or fish dishes.

Curries: curry is probably one of the most used exotic spices in the kitchen, mainly thanks to its various beneficial properties. This is because it is good for the intestine and stomach, but not only, since it is also useful for relieving pain from arthritis and rheumatism, as well as providing numerous benefits to the heart and circulation. In the kitchen it is exceptional pairing with chicken and, in general, with all white meats.

Cumin : cumin is a spice that we also find in the Mediterranean, often little used, but that knows how to embellish our kitchen. We are talking about a food known above all for its antioxidant and carminative properties, also useful for combating digestive problems. Actually, the list of benefits of cumin is very long: this is because it is also very good for the respiratory tract, it has calming properties and it also helps to lose weight. It can be used in the form of seeds or ground (therefore in powder). The seeds are great with chickpeas, while the powder is useful for flavoring marinades.

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Turmeric : excellent for accelerating fat burning, turmeric is now one of the best spices for weight loss. It is also a food that is good for the liver, due to its purifying properties and also reduces the risk of diseases such as tumors. Don’t forget the fact that it can also boost the immune system! If you’re looking for an unusual combination for a species, try mixing it with some yogurt!

So think about it when you go shopping, learning to use spices in the kitchen could have numerous positive implications because they can become an excellent resource both in terms of flavor and the well-being of our body.

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