The scuffle between Ospina and Senator López over the controversy over cost overruns in Emcali

The controversy generated by the denunciation of the millionaires for cost overruns in the purchase of televisions and chairs in the Municipal Companies of Cali, Emcali, not only brought with it the resignation of the manager of the entity, but also a new discussion led by the mayor Jorge Iván Ospina.

After having rejected the situation denounced by a group of councilors and having requested “clear accounts” from Emcali, Ospina reported through his social networks that Juan Diego Flórez had submitted his resignation as manager of the public services entity, an announcement that, as expected, gave something to talk about.

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In fact, one of the first to refer to Flórez’s resignation was Senator from the Polo Democrático Alexander López, who not only indicated that it was an expected decision, but also spoke about the controversy and assured that inside the company they would be presenting more acts of corruption.

“The impudence of the Manager of Emcali has no limits, without shame, they bought a projector for more than 700 million, televisions for 43 million pesos and made up the figures to embezzle contract No 500-CS-2039 of 2022 with Unión Temporary AMI 2022,” López wrote, referring to the contract denounced for cost overruns.

But the Senator’s pronouncement did not end there, but instead attacked the Mayor whom he questioned for the work he has carried out as the city’s president and for which he said that Ospina, as well as the managers of the other public companies in the city, They should also resign.

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“Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina, and when will you resign after all the damage you have done to the city? And when will the resignation of all the managers of the company who are part of this corruption disaster? And no He resigned, all of us who denounced him, we knocked him down,” said López.

Given these statements, the Mayor did not remain unresponsive and replied to the Senator that he does not run away from problems. In addition, he assured that just as he did with the pandemic and the social outbreak that affected the city, he will also face the controversial complaint to seek clarification of what happened.

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“Well, my dear Senator. If I have one thing clear, it is that I do not run away from problems, from the serious issues that we have experienced as a society (pandemic and social outbreak) and always oriented towards building, making decisions based on evidence. Unlike you, I do not run away Ospina wrote on his Twitter account.

It should be noted that after the complaints received about the cost overruns in the public services entity, the Attorney General’s Office reported that it appointed a special team to investigate the alleged acts of corruption in Emcali.

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