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The popular Smart TV from the Samsung Lifestyle TV line has the ability to become a work of art, which can decorate a living room, a bedroom or even the traditional living room of a house.

Since its global launch in 2017, The Frame’s technology, design and size have continually evolved, reflecting consumers’ ever-changing lifestyle needs. And it is that this Samsung Smart TV, which turns into a box when not in use, has perfectly adapted to these trends by offering users a combination of form and function.

Years ago, televisions ceased to be a black box with a single function: to broadcast images. These evolved to become the protagonists when it comes to gathering family or friends and decorating common spaces. Against this background, Samsung Electronics took a challenge and decided to revolutionize the experience in front of the screen.

That is how he developed The Frame, the Smart TV that premiered in Chile at the end of 2018 and has the function of projecting a work of art. This is thanks to its Art Mode function that allows you to select one of the free works that are included, add your own content such as your family photos, or choose in the Art Store from more than 1,500 works available for purchase.

“The Frame revolutionized the TV market as it is not just a TV viewing device, but a lifestyle product that enhances a space with its design and enriches the lives of consumers. If you are passionate about art and interior design, The Frame is the ideal choice. It can adapt to any space with its innovative technology that allows it to become a work of art and its interchangeable frames achieve visual harmony with the decoration of your space”, explains Verónica Berner, TV and Audio Product Manager at Samsung Electronics Chile, about the success of The Frame.

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Its perfect combination of style and technology has been highlighted among the latest global reviews: “The Frame is like a tangible sigh of relief for anyone who despises looking at a big blank screen in the middle of their room,” noted CNN Underscored.

On the other hand, The Frame has become the most popular model among Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup. A few months ago, Samsung Electronics announced that it sold one million units of The Frame in 2021. Thanks to this, in Chile the sale of this Smart TV from the Lifestyle TV line in 2021 doubled compared to 2020.

“Innovation in picture quality and insight into consumer trends drive Samsung to continually improve with each new version of The Frame. We continue looking for ways to strengthen the offers of this device that undoubtedly stands out among the most successful Lifestyle TVs in the Chilean market, adds Verónica Berner.

Discover the characteristics of the only television that becomes a picture

Savings and perfect image: The popular Smart TV incorporates a brightness sensor that works when the TV is in Art Mode, detecting the brightness of the environment, automatically regulating the brightness of the screen and the color tone. In this way, it is possible to enjoy totally natural lighting, both during the day and at night, and maintain the aspect of the painting.

The Frame also has a motion sensor, which recognizes when there are people around it. When no activity is identified in its environment for a set time, it turns off and turns on again in case of detecting vibrations in order to save maximum energy.

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State-of-the-art technology: Meanwhile, reproducing works of art and providing the best experience when watching movies or series deserves to have a good resolution. For this reason, this Smart TV has the latest QLED 4K technology, to offer impeccable image quality with cleaner contrasts, and 100% color volume.

In addition, it comes with the new Matte Display, a technology that eliminates more than 99% of direct and indirect light reflections on the screen. Matte the only anti-reflection technology certified by UL (Underwriters Lab.) delivering images without distractions so you can enjoy your favorite content and art the way it was meant to be.

Another key feature of The Frame is Dual LED. Through the use of dual LEDs, the optimum color tone is provided to best suit the scene, depending on the display mode, by adjusting colors to warmer or cooler tones.

Goodbye wires: The Frame incorporates Invisible Connection technology that eliminates cables with a nearly invisible connection with the Slim Fit Wall Mount, reducing the space between the wall and the TV giving the appearance of actually being in front of a painting.

Your touch in every detail: An important part of interior design is to reflect your own style in each room. In this way, The Frame offers an option of interchangeable frames in various colors so that you can choose the ideal one according to your tastes. Thus, the television adapts to what you need at all times.

In addition, The Frame in its 32-inch version has supports that allow you to place it vertically or horizontally so that it fits as best you prefer in your space. You can adjust the legs of the stand to mimic a standing picture frame, perfect for viewing artwork in smaller spaces, or when you want to display portraits, simply change the position to view The Frame vertically.

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The Frame is available in Samsung stores and in its new e-commerce. If you want to know more about the device enter here.

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