The super attack that prepares Brazil for the World Cup in Qatar

yesand approaches the Qatar World Cup and all selections, including Brazilare still testing for the big event in 2022. Tite repeated in training on Wednesday in Le Havrewhere on Friday (8:30 p.m.) will be measured with Ghanawith a very offensive lineup. When you have the ball, form with five pure attackers.

Tite defends Vinicus’s dances: “There is no provocation, they are the essence of his joy”

With Alisson between the sticks, the 11 on the board is a 4-2-3-1: Militao, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Telles; Casemiro, Paquet; Raphinha, Neymar, Vinicius; and Richarlison. Nevertheless, With possession, the drawing is radicalized in favor of a more crazy and offensive football, with Sevilla player Telles becoming the second man in midfield and Paquet advancing a line.

In this scenario, the recent signing of West Ham goes on to integrate a forward with five attackers: Raphinha on the right, Paquet himself with Neymar on the inside, Vinicius on the left and Richarlison as ‘9’. The idea is under development and will be tested at a competitive level this Friday, always with the World Cup in mind. Tite stated at a press conference that the key will be balance: “Balance. Balance. Every time we stray from that, we’re at risk.”

the lineup

The line-up against Ghana with which Tite will rehearse for the World Cup. SOFA VALGAN / BRAND

I called attention Militao’s presence on the right, despite the fact that the coach already commented on this option when offering the call, with only one right-handed side to use: Daniel. “jug [Militao] for a long time oh, and I’m left with the words of Ricardo Rocha: ‘We have a full-back who plays a lot’. I went to talk to him and he told me: ‘Ah I stood out’. Versatility is important, and he has it; then the field speaks”.

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Looking back to 1994 and 2002

Looking ahead to the World Cup, it is inevitable to think of Brazil’s legendary strikers in a competition that they have won five times thanks to their potential up front. Going to the last two successes it is observed in 1994 from the engine room an attractive Mazinho, Mauro Silva, Dunga, Zinho; Bebeto and Romario; and an unforgettable Coffee, Mauro Silva, Klberson, Roberto Carlos; Rivaldo, Ronaldinho; and Ronaldo in 2002, with an average of 2.57 goals per game.

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