The Treasury defends harmonizing the taxes of the communities and will present “shortly” a proposal for regional financing

The Government is clear about its objective: “To avoid that in those cases where the fiscal figures are decentralized, there is dumping fiscal, that is to say, a downward fiscal competition that leaves some tax figures without content”. These are the words of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who has opted this Wednesday for a “harmonization” that would be linked to the system of regional financing, which they will try to renew with a proposal that will present “briefly” despite the proximity of the elections, which reduces to a minimum the socialist hopes that a similar proposal will be approved in this legislature.

The also number two of the PSOE has thus come out of the controversy generated yesterday by the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, who defended the centralization of taxes to avoid the “nonsense” of the autonomous communities competing with each other in matters fiscal. “It seems nonsense to me that the communities dedicate themselves to fiscal competition with each other,” the minister stressed in statements to Onda Cero, where he also said that he considers that eliminating the Heritage tax is an “extraordinarily regressive” measure just at a time when it is required, he pointed out , is to make redistributive policies for the most vulnerable people due to the effects of inflation.

In the corridors of the Congress of Deputies, Montero wanted to make clear the rejection of the word “recentralization”, since “there has never been talk of rendering the fiscal capacity of the autonomous communities meaningless”. Of course, he has pointed out that it is about “avoiding the occurrence of a practice elimination of prosecutors that drag other territories of Spain that have less economic capacity”. In his speech, in addition, he pointed directly to the Community of Madrid for having “greater collection due to its capital status”.

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The Minister of Finance has branded as “dangerous” that there are regional presidents, in a veiled reference to Isabel Díaz Ayuso from Madrid and Juanma Moreno from Andalusia, who speak of “paradise” when even international organizations are fighting against it, in order to getting large companies reside fiscally “in soft environments”. Thus, what this possible fiscal harmonization would deal with would be to prevent, as these territories have done with the Wealth Tax, taxes from being eliminated by subsidizing them in full.

What the Minister of Finance has also opened the door to is to “explore” a greater contribution to the public coffers of the “great fortunes”, as requested by United We Can, a coalition partner. “It’s not about what some or others ask for, it’s about we agree all the members of the Government in that we have at this moment to ask for a greater effort from the great fortunes, from the banking system, from the energy companies”, said the number two of the PSOE.

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