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There is room in the background” more and more interesting with the new episodes of its ninth season. This time, ‘Diego Montalbán’ (Giovanni Ciccia) and his son ‘Cristóbal’ (Franco Pennano) starred in one of the most moving scenes of the América TV series.

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It turns out that the businessman ‘Diego Montalban’ discovered that his favorite son never studied gastronomy in Europe and was cheating on him all this time.

‘Cristóbal’ was exposed when a renowned chef asked him to cook fettuccini at the opening of the ‘Francesca’s’ restaurant. The young man could not hide the secret from him anymore and ended up disappointing his proud father.

Diego Montalván discovers that his son Cristóbal does not know how to cook
Diego Montalván discovers that his son Cristóbal does not know how to cook

Although he tried to justify his serious mistake, the young “Cristóbal” ended up receiving a slap from his father.

“Why did you do this? You were not born with my talent, you were born with the talent of lying. I paid you for the most expensive university in Spain, I made you my partner, I put your name in the restaurant and for what, so that you would leave me like an imbé** in front of everyone”, were the harsh words of ‘Diego Montalbán’.

Diego Montalván argues with Cristóbal
Diego Montalván argues with Cristóbal


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