“These are consumer issues…”: Paula Escobar and Sergio Rojas respond to Marité Matus after denying their statements about the alleged monthly payment they receive from Vidal

The hosts of the online show I tell you, Sergio Rojas and Paula Escobar raised their voices on their social networks after Marité Matus denied her information about the high figure she would receive monthly from her ex-partner, Arturo Vidal.

It all started days ago when the Me Late panelist and his colleague revealed in their program that the King would spend monthly “50 million pesos” to the influencer for the care of their children, which caused their annoyance.

“These journalists who make these affirmations, without asking, without even having the detail of ‘investigating’ but just affirming, just because, because they believe they own the truth, because the ‘rumor’ reached them. Do you feel good about what you do?”, expressed Marité Matus, denying the information.

After her statements, Paula Escobar did not remain silent, sharing her response to the influencer’s statements in her Instagram stories.

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“Well… some things to say about the denial of A. Vidal’s ex-wife and the ‘ethical’ questioning (…) They are consumer issues (just as the salaries of soccer players or entertainers or models were made transparent at the time) try not to be untruthful, let alone judge anyone… simply a piece of news is delivered. That, as usually happens, is denied, but well… perks. Thanks to the public that trusts and… harming is something else, ”she expressed, later deleting the post.

For his part, Sergio Rojas also raised his voice in his stories sharing the news that we wrote in La Cuarta to refer to the sayings of Marité Matus.

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“If someone expects Marité to come out saying ‘yes, I receive 50 sticks’ then I am Shakira’s unrecognized son haha ​​I fainted in 3, 2, 1″, Sergio Rojas attacked, generating various reactions.

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