These are the images of the planet captured by the James Webb telescope

Webb does not find ships beyond Orion but reveals an unprecedented cosmos

the space telescope james webb has shown unpublished images of the planet Neptune and its rings and that could provide very valuable information about your atmosphereNASA has announced.

Astronomers had not been able to see a planet so far away from the solar system with such sharpness since the brief passage of the probe ‘Voyager 2′, in 1989.

Infrared vision provides a new way to analyze the atmosphere of the frozen planet, said Mark McCaughrean, adviser to the European Space Agency (ESA).

The telescope has removed any image distortion due to the reflection of sunlight from Neptune’s surface and light pollution from its surroundings. For example, the images that the Hubble telescope had shown were much less sharp than the one from the James Webb.

“strange light” on a pole

One of the things that has caught the attention of astronomers is what NASA has defined as “strange light” at one of its poles.

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The telescope has also captured the image of 7 of the 14 known moons of the planet. also from Tritonwhich looks like a star in the images because of the reflection of sunlight on its icy surface.

In service since last July, the James Webb is the largest and best telescope ever deployed.

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