These are the unemployed schools of Poli and UNAM: they add up to 15 units

So far, 13 campuses of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), directed by Arturo Sandoval Reyes, are in unemployment.

Meanwhile, in the UNAM this Wednesday the high school 5 Jose Vasconcelos and the FES Aclatlanof the UNAM, also began with strikes to demand improvements in the infrastructure and the expulsion of joints.

What IPN campuses continue to be unemployed?

The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) highlighted that it maintains a dialogue with the student community of each unit to find solutions to their demands and resume academic and administrative activities as soon as possible.

Through an information card, the IPN reported that as of 10:00 p.m. this Wednesday, 20 higher education academic units, 18 Centers for Scientific and Technological Education (Cecyt) and 19 research centers maintain academic, administrative substantive and research.

These are the IPN units that are still unemployed:

Higher education:

– The Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences (Upiicsa).
– The Superior School of Tourism (EST).
– The Higher School of Computing (Escom).
– Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Esime) Zacatenco Unit.
– Interdisciplinary Professional Unit in Engineering and Advanced Technologies (Upiita).
– Higher School of Engineering and Architecture (ESIA) Zacatenco Unit.
– Higher School of Physics and Mathematics (ESFM).
– The Superior School of Medicine (ESM) is unemployed, except for the postgraduate level.
– The Higher School of Chemical Engineering and Extractive Industries (Esiqie) remains without academic activities, but administrative, postgraduate and research activities continue, in addition to receiving documentation for scholarships.

The Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Biotechnology (Upibi) continues in partial academic strike, with substantive administrative and research activities.

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The Higher School of Commerce and Administration (ESCA) Santo Tomás Unit will continue without activities until September 30.

Upper Secondary Education

– Cecyt 6 “Miguel Othón de Mendizábal” and Cecyt 8 “Narciso Bassols” do not have academic activities.
– Research centers
– The Mexican Center for Cleaner Production (CMP+L) is unemployed.

What happens at UNAM?

Students of José Vasconcelos High School 5, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) took over the facilities of that campus this Wednesday morning to demand the expulsion of joints

During the afternoon, the protesters forced the evening shift students to vacate the school, and warned that the campus will remain occupied indefinitely.

The students warned that the high school will remain closed until the university authorities comply with their petition.

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Until now, the UNAM has not ruled on this student conflictwhich affects more than nine thousand students.

Meanwhile, in the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán, a 72 hour stoppage to demand the improvement of facilities, security, actions against gender violence and review of infrastructure after the earthquake of 7.7 Registered last Monday.

Some young people clashed with teachers when trying to gain access to the school’s management, under the cry of “we want Justo”, alluding to the school’s director, Manuel Martínez Justo.

According to students, the school has new cracks and it has not been assessed whether it is safe to stay inside. This, after the earthquake of magnitude 7.7 that was registered last Monday, September 19.

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What do the students of FES Acatlán ask for?

– Decent, safe and free transportation as in other UNAM campuses.
– Request the official UNAM credential to those who address the units, teachers and students.
– Improvement in the conditions of the units of the concession route to reach the campus that is based at the Cuatro Caminos station of Line 2 of the metro.
– Formal and immediate review of the facilities by Civil Protection and disclosure of the corresponding protocol in case of accidents.
– Timely attention and necessary management of cases of gender-based violence reported within the school, whether by students or administrative staff.

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