They analyze problems of the Matanzas population in the Provincial Council of Government

Attention to the proposals of the population is included among the issues to be checked in the Provincial Government Council of Matanzas.

Representatives of the Popular Power in the 13 municipalities pointed out the advances in the solution of problems such as the repair of roads, the maintenance of multi-family buildings and the treatment of mothers with more than three children.

The member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in the province, Susely Morfa González, expressed dissatisfaction regarding the work in the communities, and called for effective actions to be promoted in the transformation of the neighborhoods in order to achieve prosperity for the Matanzas family.

Along with the social issue, the development of the economy transcended as a priority. Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo emphasized the need to eliminate losses in state companies, as well as to increase commercial circulation and profits, based on the increase in the production of goods and services and not prices.

He pointed out that the exercise of internal control, a strategic measure to rectify errors and strengthen the work of each entity, is an essential tool for the directors of State agencies.

The government authorities of each municipality were called upon to achieve greater autonomy, and to be more efficient in the management of income and in the collection of tax contributions from the different economic actors in society.

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Another point of analysis was the confrontation with crime, illegalities and social indiscipline, and the prevention plan for these events that threaten the development of the province was updated. (ALH)

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