“They are within their rights, but they caused the problem”, Petro on the march against his government

Opposition leaders want out to the streets the September 26 and for that have been promoting a march through their social networks with various motivations.

Characters like miguel polo poloan openly opposition congressman from the Republic, invited on his Twitter to march on September 26 against what he described as a “disastrous” government.

“Everyone to the streets! No to the tax reform, to the rise in gasoline, to the demoralization of our public force, not to subsidize bandits and not to the expropriation of pensions. Petro out!” Polo Polo published.

As well, President Peter on his first trip as president to the United States, where he attended the general Assembly of the Organization of United Nationsalso spoke to a media outlet about this protest scheduled for the last week of September.

“They are within their rights, the problem is that they caused the problem,” said the leader and then added that: “They let Ecopetrol buy, import and make gasoline at international oil prices, expensive, in times of high prices, and sell at half its value without any mechanism to compensate for that loss of profits: a real subsidy to the gasoline consumer that now has to be remade because the utilities of Ecopetrol are the source to finance education and public health.

Clearly using the rearview mirror to highlight what some members of his government have dismissed as mistakes of the previous government of the Former President Iván Duque.

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