They capture Ivanka Trump saying goodbye to summer with a tiny red bikini

Like I’m modeling on a catwalk, Ivanka Trump was seen exuding glamor and beauty with a summer outfit during an outing with friends in Miami Florida.

The businesswoman40, was photographed by the paparazzi flaunting her exquisite dressing style that characterizes her and her elaborate silhouette, dressed in a crimson red strapless bra with a push-up cup and high-waisted mini shorts, made of white fabric and green stripes. The little garment featured ruffles on the thighs and faux front pockets.

Both garments helped frame her toned belly and kilometric legs.

combined the outfits with circular sunglasses and discreet diamond earrings, as well as nude lace-up sandals and a white bag with black edges.


Photo: The Grosby Group

She showed her face with a light layer of makeup in light shades, with lipstick naked, blush a little pink, while her hair was styled with a center parting and wavy locks.

The daughter of donald trump joined on a casual outing with a couple of girlfriends who wore outfits white summer. Her husband Jared Kushner and their three children, Arabella, Joseph and Theodore joined as well.

Ivanka and her family are enjoying the last days of summer in Miami. The paparazzi she has been caught a few times in public days after Jared underwent further cancer surgery.

At the beginning of September, the former adviser to donald trump During his tenure as president of the United States, he spoke in an interview with The National Desk about his recent surgery for thyroid cancer.

“I had surgery last week. It was very successful,” she revealed.

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The proceedings Jared has undergone arose in the midst of scandals and FBI investigations against donald trump for the high-security documents that he took home from Florida after leaving the presidency.

Also, Kushner has just released his memoir that he wrote inspired by his work in the White House. “It is an incredible book”, praised Ivanka after sweeping sales, according to the New York Times.

In that book, called Breaking History: A White House MemoirTrump’s son-in-law revealed that he underwent a first surgery to combat the thyroid cancer in 2019.

Ivanka reportedly accompanied her husband to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for new tests done with the goal of ruling out the return of the disease. However the cancer had come back, so he was operated on a second time.

A source told the Daily Mail on Jared and Ivanka: “They were in Minnesota for Jared to have a scheduled checkup at the Mayo Clinic, not exactly a romantic date night. Jared has to travel there periodically to be monitored and tested to make sure his thyroid cancer hasn’t returned. Ivanka obviously traveled with him to offer him support as his wife.”


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