They discover a video of a Recoleta apartment that Cristina Kirchner’s attackers evaluated renting

The cell phones of detainees for the failed attack on the vice president Cristina Kirchner keep throwing disturbing news. The researchers found a video which would correspond to an apartment in Recoleta where one or more of the attackers entered and toured to analyze the shooting optionsas confirmed to THE NATION sources aware of the investigation.

Investigators are now trying to determine the exact location of the apartment that Fernando Sabag Montiel, Brenda Uliarte and other conspirators evaluated renting, although the material extracted from their cell phones would not provide details. But with one caveat: “We believe that the contact was direct between them and the owner of the property, and it was not through a real estate agency,” explained an official source familiar with the investigation.

The messages that emerged from Sabag Montiel and Uliarte in recent days provided the first indications of the attackers’ interest in renting an apartment near the flat that the leader of the Frente de Todos occupies on the corner of Juncal and Uruguay. But the new material shows that they went further.

The data that put the researchers on alert arises from the messages that the couple exchanged on Tuesday, August 23. They discussed the opportunity they had meet on Saturday the 27th with a man who could rent them an apartment in Recoleta, although he asked them for “a sign” to advance. According to what emerges from that chat, Sabag Montiel was not convinced. But yes Uliarte. “Let’s go and leave him a sign, that’s it…”, he told her. “We are close to the mine”he remarked, referring to the vice president.

Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte were prosecuted as co-authors of attempted murder
Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte were prosecuted as co-authors of attempted murderfederal justice

That exchange, on August 23, was as follows:

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Sabag Montiel: “Another thing, the guy from the Recoleta rental answered me for Saturday, we have to see him and he says that he doesn’t have… Eh… I don’t know, he has to coordinate several interviews and that they leave him a deposit, you see, I know, so I told him that We were going to have money to leave a deposit for him.”

Uliarte: “You don’t like the apartment?”

–Sabag Montiel: “I don’t like the apartment, yes the hair. Cristina and the people are gathered in Recoleta. To hit him with a corchazo”.

–Uliarte: “No love, we work this week and on Saturday we go and leave her a sign, that’s it… High apartment that Recoleta love, if you saw where Cristina lives you understand, Cristina lives in Recoleta, we are very close to the mine. We can make it dick, huh…Yes, you have to go and hit him with a corchazo. Do you know what it takes? a sniperyou saw that the mine is placed on the balcony, it is necessary there and pimba, a shot in the head, make it shit…”.

Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend pose with the gun
Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend pose with the gun

According to the sources consulted, the lease did not materialize, although the reasons are unknown. Did the attackers rule it out? Did the landlord decline to rent them to you? That Saturday the 27th, for now, the Metropolitan Police and Kirchnerist militants clashed for hours over the deployment of a fence.

With the video in your hands, investigators seek to determine where the apartment is located and who owns it to, from there delve into the “money route”. In other words, where would the funds come from that were going to be used by two street vendors to pay the deposit and a rent that in that area does not fall below $100,000 per month?

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In this sense, the appearance of a video of that apartment on the phone of one of the detainees could facilitate the identification of his exact or approximate location in relation to the building where Fernández de Kirchner lives. But the video itself also raises new questions among investigators: Why didn’t Uliarte and Carrizo delete the material they had on their phones?

Carrizo himself may have slipped the answer to that question in a message he sent to his stepsister, Andrea. “This [por el atentado] It was planned for a week from now,” he explained. But Sabag Montiel, she added, “did everything wrong. He’s a jerk.”

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