They fired 29 employees of Lácteos Vidal who participated in the blockades at their Carlos Casares plant

Dairy Vidal sent the dismissal telegram to 29 workers who participated in the blockades in the factory located in the town of Montezumalocated in the Buenos Aires district of Charles Casares. The union protest was carried out with the support of the Association of Dairy Industry Workers of the Argentine Republic (ATILRA),

At the end of August, the union claim had also been transferred to the plant that the firm has in the Buenos aires city. Now, Lácteos Vidal fired part of the protesters and it has already hired 10 new employees as replacements.

“We fire those who do more than 60 days we were blocked and they are in collusion with the union to merge us. Our priority is the well-being of the boys who are working,” he said. Alejandra Bada Vazquez, owner of the company affected by the blockades.

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“The relationship with these people is broken. They blocked our company, working together with the union to merge us. They threatened their comrades, they ignored them, so confidence was totally lost”, he assured.

Alejandra Bada, member of the family that owns the dairy company, denouncing, some time ago, the violent actions of the Atilra union.

“We process milk, which are food products that reach the final consumer and these people who were blocking us cannot manipulate our products again,” added the businesswoman.

The point of conflict that led to the blocking of the factory was in mid-July with the union’s claim for the reclassification of 14 employees. On July 20, the mandatory reconciliation and the tasks in the factory were resumed with a “crisis” operation since, anticipating new complications with the union, production was not fully reactivated. But on August 11, with the expiration of the measure, Atilra again blocked the establishment until a few days ago.

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Bada also reported that, due to the blockades, the company’s situation is very delicate “because there are already many products that we haven’t had for a long time and we couldn’t sell.”

“Our intention is to continue for all the boys who are working and for the people who depend a lot on this factory,” said the businesswoman. “The union will be responsible for the damages caused to the company, for the losses that we are having as a result of this ferocious attack,” she concluded.

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