They held a conference of the Food and Fisheries Union in Cumanayagua

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The first country-level conference of the union of the Food Industry and Fishing It was developed in Cumanayagua with the presence of partisan authorities, the government and the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba from the National instance, the province and the municipality.

The headquarters was the Ranchón belonging to the Escambray Dairy Products Company of the territory, where the representatives to the provincial conference of the sector and the members of the municipal bureau were elected.

Elisabeth Mulet Fon, member of the secretariat of the national union of the food and fishing industry, offered evaluations to the press of the realization of this pilot conference:

“I believe that the Cumanayaguense trade unionists of the Food and Fisheries Industry Union, since this, which is the first conference through the organic process of the second conference in the country, have come up with indicators and with feasible perspectives based on the creative inventiveness of our workers, based on the forty-three measures and all that we must take advantage of in favor of solving the problems that we have in the industry, in favor of solving the problems that we have with food and with the responsibility that today our affiliates have for our people. Is there a reserve in Cumanayagua? Yes, sure, many reserves to exploit and it became evident in this conference”.

She was elected again by the seventeen attending delegates Yubinex Rodriguez Diaz as secretary of the municipal bureau that attends to the Union of the Food and Fishing Industry.

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By: Alexis Abril Lariño / Radio Cumanayagua

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