They hired a priest for the first lady and the House of Nariño: he will earn $5 million a month

According to the official, the contract is real, but it is spiritual help that It is contemplated for the House of Nariño and previous presidents and first ladies have also had it.

“The Presidency of the Republic has always had a priest, a father, who directs the oratory that is in the Presidency, which dictates mass and helps in the spiritual advice of officialsthis is not from today, all presidents have had a father and so does the Congress of the Republic”, explained Lizcano in an interview with Blu Radio.

In addition, it details that it is an agreement with the Episcopate, with the Church. In addition, he emphasized that the first lady Verónica Alcocer she is a very devoted woman and for that reason the hiring of a father.

“These parents have always had support from the presidency because he is the priest of the presidency, that has been historic and they get 5 million pesos for that management,” explained the director of Dapre.

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In addition to this, he clarified that the priest is not only for the first lady, but also for officials. Y He recalled that the hiring of Nerú was made by Lizcano’s own decision.

“The two (Nerú and the priest) are people who help manage the presidency of the Republic where more than 1,000 people work,” he said on that same station.

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Questioned on that station about whether the priest is a friend of the first lady, Lizcano explained that he is a father sent by the Episcopate and is with those who have the agreement that, he insisted, comes from all the presidents.

“Historically it is what I received, all parents deserve a salary, it is a good message for Catholics,” he said.

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