They identify the man who jumped into the Tequendama Falls in his car; he had mental illness

Work continues to recover the bodies of the occupants of a vehicle that fell into the Tequendama Falls at dawn on Wednesday, September 21, in events that are the subject of investigation and that point to an alleged suicide.

In the midst of the actions carried out by the relief agencies that are present at the scene, it was established that the driver of the vehicle was Gerardo Segura, 47 years old, and to whom the versions link as the owner of one of the restaurants in this tourism sector.

Segura’s relatives, interviewed by Blu Radio, confirmed to that medium that the man suffered from severe depressionrelevant data within the investigation that is being carried out to determine the motives of the fact.

Gerardo Segura, 47, the man who was driving the car that fell into the Tequendama Falls.
Gerardo Segura, 47, the man who was driving the car that fell into the Tequendama Falls. Photo: Firefighters of Cundinamarca. – Photo: Firefighters of Cundinamarca

The authorities also speak of a woman who would be in the car accompanying Segura and whose identity has not yet been confirmed; However, it is believed that she would be one of the employees who worked with the man in his business.

The rescuers have tried to find the whereabouts of the bodies, but access to the site is complex, so the maneuvers have been complicated. So far, it has been identified that the vehicle involved has RMW 778 license plates, red and registered in Bogotá.

On the other hand, the research determine if it was a case of double suicide or if this situation is due to a homicide in which the perpetrator decided to take his own life after committing it.

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This is how the car that fell into the Tequendama Falls was left

In social networks, some images of how the vehicle was that fell into the Tequendama Falls at dawn on Wednesday.

The emergency was attended, in the first instance, by the San Antonio del Tequendama Fire Department, which went to the scene and published some photographs of the work carried out to deal with the situation.

Images of the state of the vehicle also went viral on Twitter once it was found by rescuers; the red car was totally destroyed after the impact and being swept away by the current. Despite the efforts, it has not been possible to recover the bodies of the crew members of the car or establish the identity of the woman who, apparently, accompanied Segura.

Accident left three dead, from the same family, in Tolima

On the road that leads from Chicoral, Tolima, to Ibagué, a tractor-trailer lost control and its load fell on a truck, crushing it and killing three of the five occupants of the vehicle.

“Apparently the driver of a tractor-trailer performs an evasive maneuver in order to avoid colliding with a vehicle traveling in the same direction of the road, but unfortunately the truck overturns on the right side and causes the truck to be crushed,” said Major Nayibe Díaz Beltrán, Tolima Transit and Transportation sectional chief.

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The fatalities were identified as Sergio Andrés Bernal, Víctor Avilez Mendoza and Andrea Katherine Montaña Tabio. The two survivors, Karol Tatiana Ibarra, 24, and her two-year-old son, were taken to El Espinal, where they were treated in a timely manner and are recovering from the injuries caused by the impact.

They were referred to the hospital of the municipality of El Espinalwhere they are recovering satisfactorily from their injuries,” added Major Díaz Beltrán.

As it was known, the family was returning from Bogotá after having enjoyed a vacation in Cartagena. During the trip back home, the tragedy that mourns a family in the musical capital of Colombia occurred.

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