They kicked out of Congress the lawyer of the leader of the “band of copitos”, arrested for the attack on Cristina Kirchner

Brenda Salva. defender of Gabriel Carrizo, she was an adviser to Karina Bachey, deputy of Together for Change who communicated the decision. She assisted her only on disability issues.

the national deputy karina bachey (Together for Change-PRO) released his advisor Brenda Saves for having taken up the defense of Gabriel Carrizo, one of those arrested for the attempted assassination of Cristina Kirchner.

“It is up to ensure the clarification of the fact and social peace”Bachey justified his decision this Wednesday, in a brief statement.

In that text, the PRO deputy specified that Selva was advising her on disability issues but at the same time she practiced her profession as a lawyer.

As Bachey specified in her letter, Salva came to her work team as an “external advisor” in May 2022 to advise on “disability issues, continuing her profession freely in the private sphere.”

On Tuesday, the block of Deputies of the Front of All (FdT) had urged the national deputy of the PRO to separate “urgently” of his group of collaborators to Brenda Salva, defense attorney of Gabriel Carrizo, for considering that his permanence in office “contradicts” democratic coexistence.

“It is essential that the national deputy of the PRO Karina Bachey urgently separate from her staff of advisers Brenda Savesdefense attorney for Gabriel Carrizo”, they had from the block of deputies of the FdT through a statement.

The legislators of the ruling party had considered that the “permanence” of Salva “contradicts the attachment to democratic coexistence in which the Chamber of Deputies must function.”

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Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo, known as the leader of “the gang of copitos”, is the fourth detainee in the case that investigates the assassination attempt against Vice President Cristina Kirchner committed on September 1.

Brenda Salva is a defender of Carrizo, along with Gastón Marano, who until a few days ago was an advisor to the national senator from Chubut of Together for Change, Ignacio Torres, in the Bicameral Intelligence Commission.

New messages between Brenda Uliarte and Gabriel Carrizo

An escape plan and a sustained intention to “trigger and not fail” against Cristina Kirchner are part of the new messages that Brenda Uliarte sent to Gabriel Nicolás Carrizothe head of the copitos gang, hours after the attack against the vice president, which occurred on September 1.

The communications stem from the expert report that the Airport Security Police (PSA) made on the cell phone of the head of the group that sold cotton candy.

After the indictment signed by federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti against Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte, as co-authors of the attempted homicide against Cristina Kirchner, they met more incriminating messages from the 23-year-old’s cell phone.

A few hours had passed since Fernando Sabag Montiel fired the 32-caliber Bersa pistol fifteen centimeters from the head of the Vice President of the Nation. The shot never went off. Brenda Uliarte fled from the vicinity of Uruguay and Juncal where the events occurred.

Gabriel Carrizo and Brenda Uliarte with other members of the copitos band in an interview they gave to Telefe.

Gabriel Carrizo and Brenda Uliarte with other members of the copitos band in an interview they gave to Telefe.
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During the early hours of Friday, Sabag Montiel’s partner sent a message to Carrizoindicated in this file as a participant in the planning of the attack against Cristina Kirchner.

These communications reveal Uliarte’s intention to go ahead with the plan which, according to the Justice, began to design on April 22 when he acquired the Bersa pistol.

The first part of the dialog contains a warning: “The next time I go and shoot, Nando failed. I do know how to shoot well, my hand doesn’t shake”. The young woman’s reference was to Fernando Sabag Montiel. Faced with that expression, Carrizo asked him: “Do you want to do it?”

Uliarte, accused of having bought the weapon, designing the attack and giving the orders to her partner, was quick to respond: “I swear it is. And the shot won’t miss me. But you have to think about it. It happens that Nando doesn’t have much practice. His pulse trembled.”

The conversation of two of the defendants in this legal case did not end there. Then they wrote a series of more messages, in which they begin to evaluate options to evade justice. “They linked you to the case. I would tell you to come here”Carrizo told him.

Without imagining that days later she would be arrested, Uliarte continued writing on WhatsApp: “Post, who knows my data? I’m in a safe place, don’t worry, you have nothing to do with it. What we say stays here.”

A week later, the communications would be incorporated into the case being investigated by Judge Capuchetti and Prosecutor Carlos Rívolo as incriminating evidence.

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Carrizo had already heard the news and far from minimizing the facts, he warned Uliarte: “If you went out by all means. You are the bride”. It was when the young woman told her that if she hid, nothing would happen to her. “They won’t find me. I know what I’m telling you,” she assured him.

It was one of the many communications where Uliarte exposes his intentions to “assassinate Cristina”, as he refers to in other messages.


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