they return to commissions the opinion that keeps the Armed Forces in the street until 2028

By majority vote, the full Senate approved returning to commissions of Constitutional Points Y Second Legislative Studies the opinion on the permanence of the Armed forces on the streets until 2028, after the presidents of these presented a formal petition.

The President of the Senate, Alexander Armentareported during Wednesday’s session that he received the request for the opinion that modifies the constitutional reform in matters of National Guard.

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However, a second request to the same effect was later submitted to the Board of Directorsgiven that the first did not meet the procedural requirements to process it, an action that was objected to by opposition senators arguing that the regulations only allowed the filing of a petition.

This generated a discussion in the plenary that ended with the vote to which the Board of Directors submitted the motion to suspend the session to return the opinion to committees.

For his part, Senator Noah Castanonof Citizen movementpointed out the two requests formulated by the commissions in the same sense, stating that the first one lacked the necessary requirements.

“This means that there were two requests, one poorly formulated and recognition of the president lacking the full requirements that they had and one that apparently meets these requirements (…) so the discussion should continue or a vote should be taken,” the senator noted.

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John Zepedaalso a senator from Movimiento Ciudadano, pointed out that the two official letters were received and that they were published in the gazette for discussion, but that the one presented at 12:37 p.m. had to be approved first, and not pass the vote on the second as if it were the one before it.

“Today an official letter was received that does not comply with the law, you said so yourself (Alexander Armenta), and the same president of the Constitutional Points Commission alluded that he did not comply with the formalities and then a second official letter is received with the same matter and they want us to believe that this is the one that is going to be processed, ”he indicated. .

In this situation, Senator Eduardo Ramirezof Brunetteaffirmed that he first presented an official letter without the signatures of the members of the commissions and then attached another one with the signatures.

“No one was deceived in this plenary session (…) the document that I presented did not bear the signatures of the members of the Constitutional Points Commissioncomplying with the formality, we present a document in which we attach the signatures of the members by the majority in both commissions, “he said.

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